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Dominic and Abby Maryk missing since August 2008 - Found

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  • Dominic and Abby Maryk missing since August 2008 - Found

    Hi All,

    I am happy to report that Dominic and Abby Maryk who were abducted by their father and missing since August 2008 were found in Mexico.

    The news feed on the matter can be found here:

    'Nightmare' for Winnipeg kids

    My heart goes out to the mother in this matter. Her brave persuit of the criminal abduction of her children from Canada hopefully will not go unrecognised. The long and difficult road of reuniting the children with their mother is a difficult task and I can only hope that the government of Canada, steps up and assists this family fully in a proper reunification of the children with their mother.

    It is dedicated parents like this that will bring much needed changes to all the federal and jurisdictional laws to protect our most precious Canadian assets, our children.

    Furthermore, credit has to be given to the FIND Foundation and president Juan Manuel Estrada Juárez as well. Their involvement in assisting the mother in evaluating matters, investigation and location of the children hopefully will not go unnoticed by the Canadian Government.

    To all those parents who have had their children "Tayken" even if for a few days by the other parent in contravention of Section 283.(1) and/or Section 282.(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada - never give up. Your tenacious pursuit of what is in your children's "best interests" is not only important for your children, but the other parents who may become victims of this complex form of child abuse and intimate partner abuse.

    With the evolution of Stephen Watkins case of international abduction and this recent change it is high time our country put an exit strategy in place at all border crossings to reduce (or even eliminate) this kind of conduct.

    It is high time that the Family Courts recognize the numerous violations abducting parents who take the law in their own hands and deal with this very serious matter. The removal of children with out consent (even if a court order is in place) is simply unacceptable.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for sharing...It is every parents worst nightmare...


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      Originally posted by May_May View Post
      Thanks for sharing...It is every parents worst nightmare...
      It is unfortunate that so many parents have to live this experience as laws could easily be changed to prevent this kind of unilateral and well recognized form of child abuse.

      I put the parents who attempt to have the other parent arrested on false criminal charges, take the Criminal Code in their own hands and file improper emergency motions to try and "win" in court on false allegations in the same category of child abusers.

      When parents use their children as pawns, attempt to use the criminal justice system to prevent a parent from being a parent and to "win" in family court more has to be done to curb this miss carriage of justice.

      CAS should be the first responders in my opinion to domestic situations and not the police for example. CAS' mandate is too limiting in helping families versus cleaning up the mess after someone makes a "bad decision" like breaking the law (283.1 or 282.1).

      I am of the opinion that parents who on anxiety take children and make false allegations against another parent are not in need of help from the legal system but, the health care system.

      Good Luck!


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