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How to transfer file?

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  • How to transfer file?

    My family court file is located in London, Ontario. That's where me and my ex used to live in, however we've both since moved to York Region. I'm having some issues and I'd like to know how to transfer that file into York Region.

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    I don't think you need to "transfer" the file. Using my GF as an example, she moved to a new court district within NS and didn't have to request a file transfer. She recently filed a court application in the new court district and they simply pulled her file from the other area. There was no action required from my GF.

    If you moved to another province, that would be a different story. Due to the fact that your file has always been registered with ON, there shouldn't be any problems.


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      do you think that i can bring motion, or i need to do application?


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        I'm not sure if there's any difference. You'll need to go to your local family court and file something to initiate the process. If it's anything like NS, they'll have intake officers that walk you thru the process.


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          take a your paperwork from your old file with you and you should have no problem filing a motion


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