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    My GF has a situation where the NCP is not responding. They live in NS, and I realize that the majority of people here are mostly familiar with ON Family Law, but I'm assuming that the process in each province is similar. For NS, the process is:

    1. Intake
    2. Conciliation
    3. Mediation
    4. Court

    My GF did her intake back in Nov and the conciliation took place in early Dec. The NCP showed up, contested everything the GF asked for, didn't disclose his financials (as ordered) or medical info to back up what he was saying, and asked that conciliation be deferred until 3 Jan 12 after he sought legal advice. This was granted and he was specifically ordered to disclose his tax returns for the last 3 years and his last two pay statements, as well as medical documentation showing he was unfit to work.

    We find out today that he didn't respond to the conciliator on 3 Jan 12, as directed, and he hasn't submitted any documentation, as directed. The conciliator advised that she has attempted to contact him several times and has left voice mail for him, but he has not responsed.

    What happens now? Without a response from him, do they proceed to mediation or directly to an uncontested court hearing?
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    Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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      Okay, regarding the issue above...she received a letter today stating that nothing will be done until she indicates what she wants as the next step. She fired a letter in the mail asking to skip mediation and go straight to a court hearing.

      Her original application asked to impute income, but not retro. Now that he won't submit income returns for the last three years, she's starting to think that his income has been above the CS threshold for the last three years.

      Based on this, does it make sense to submit another affidavit requesting that retro for the last three years be considered?


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