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Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  • Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I just wanted to wish everyone on this site the happiest of holidays. I hope and pray that every single one of us finds what we're looking for in the new year. Keep your heads up and stay strong!

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    I want to joint to AD wishes and hope everyone have some good time even being in a middle or after the trial like me.

    Despite the fact I have to bring mom back to court on December 23, 2011 and spent almost whole day in court to get my previously agreed make up time I still hope next year will bring some peace.

    At least after CAS interview (with use of interpreter) with my 3. y.o. right after New Year (crazy) and contempt motion coming to mom (violation of final order).

    Hopless hope, isn't it ? ))

    Anyway happy holiday to everyone and especially to little ones. No police or CAS call CAS please.



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      Thank you! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope this Christmas goes smoothly for everyone and all the little ones know how much both their parents love them.


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        Merry christmas

        Merry christmas , happy holidays!

        Best wishes to all members for 2012.


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          Bless everyone for your support on this forum !


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