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  1. Chantilly4
    02-22-2013 02:45 PM
    I have a question hope you can answer
    I was the sole custodial parent of two kids for 10 years. My son at 16 wanted to go live with dad, he is now first year University. he has learning disabilities didnt apply for any grants and bursaries he was entitled to apply for (16, 500 worth), didnt apply for OSAP that gives 2000.00 in grant for the LD's, or the first generation grant however he did receive 1000 for studying in french, he quit his job after he went to live with dad in 2012 then spent all the money i had him put away for school in his bank account now dad wants me to pay in proportion on the whole amount for university when they dindt apply for any "free" money. I have our duaghter living with me and i hosted international students in 2012. I was todl to claim as small business on my income tax -no problem - the lawyer told me from the monies i recieved i have to deduct Rent, groceries, heat, water and hydro then what is left is my income. where can i find that in writting ?

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