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  1. Baffled_Dad
    12-02-2013 06:05 AM
    Hi, I stumbled on your posts regarding the calculations of support. Unfortunately I'm a higher income earner and I've been thru the ringer like many. I'm down to spousal support with a ex who I was married to for 17 years and almost cohabitated for 2 years before the marriage. My support payments based on the divorce mate from my lawyer is $1500/month on 17 years of marriage. My income is approximately $94000 at $40/hr and hers is $33000 at $19/hr but should be )40000 if she goes to work.
    I'm just wondering if my support is correct? If you have anytime to reply it would be appreciated. How does a guy like me tell a lawyer he's wrong?
    Thx! Any info would be appreciated.
    Your info you posted would be a god send to the system with so many dads that are completely broken because of our draconian law system.

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