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  1. Divorce Law are a Joke and Dads are the Punch Line
  2. Child Support Guildelines Aren't Fair
  3. Our thanks Jeff.
  4. New Child Care Allowance
  5. Reform starts where?
  6. PC government
  7. Bc Divorce And Spousal Conduct
  8. Unjust alimony payment requirements in today's laws
  9. Frustration this week in England too !!
  10. letter
  11. I really wanna know
  12. Grim reminder that our family laws are flawed
  13. About Mexico
  14. Legal Aid
  15. New Hampshire CS Bill. Interesting
  16. Positive reminder that sometimes, the system works!
  17. My wife secretly taped an argument
  18. child support payments to increase May 1
  19. This whole "shared parenting" thing...
  20. Women's Rights
  21. Spousal Support - Why It Matters
  22. health benefits
  23. Why 'shared' custody?
  24. Interesting Article on Joint Custody
  25. An interestiung case on allegations
  26. Mary-Ellen Lang says kids need strong men role models
  27. Keeping Divorced Dads at a Distance
  28. The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study
  29. The end of no-fault divorce?
  30. Ideology trumps equality
  31. What A joke
  32. Custody Disputed
  33. found this article
  34. What is fair in Child Custody?
  35. Disenfranchised dads
  36. North Dakota Shared Parenting
  37. I Wonder What The Decision Had Been...
  38. How do you dismantle the nuclear family?
  39. Benefits in separation?
  40. Dallas due for a revolution
  41. Spousal Support - Interesting Article
  42. email your MP
  43. Hello, I am Helen!. And even though this my first post here
  44. Protecting the value of marriage
  45. Good Parents Pay
  46. More on Good Parents Pay
  47. Presumption of Equal Shared Parenting After Divorce
  48. Readers Digest: Myth of the Deadbeat
  49. Locating ones address
  50. Lawyer calls for judicial inquiry into disfunctional family court system!
  51. Bill C-252
  52. An unusual site
  53. Is there honest reporting in America?
  54. Men take it harder
  55. What's the solution...
  56. Judge Zucker gets slap on the wrist for tampering with transcripts
  57. The state can't decide what makes a parent
  58. Malevolent Moms Website
  59. Divorced Father Suicide Statistics
  60. Barrie, Ontario family court and CAS destroyed our loving family: Teens
  61. CAS - Lawyer - Professional - Registry
  62. equal to married status for commonlaw
  63. Altered Court Transcripts claims Thunder Bay Citizen
  64. Please sign it if you feel it works for you
  65. Judge guilty of DUI allowed to stay on bench
  66. Married and a common law
  67. does anyone know?
  68. Canadians have a legal system, not a system of justice!
  69. Canada Court Watch Founder Speaks
  70. Exposing Judicial Tyrany & Corruption
  71. Kris Titus of Fathers-4-Justice Canada, Part 1 of 2
  72. Dont Ignore The Real Terrorists!
  73. Justice Jack speak out about CAS interviews of children
  74. Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket, Ontario court steps out of bounds as a judge
  75. Another complaint about Justice Craig Perkins of the Newmarket, Ontario!
  76. One mother's testimony about Ontario's Office of the Children's Lawyer!
  77. the Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center
  78. Recent News from the canada Court watch Site
  79. More News from the Canada Court Watch Site
  80. Young girl's testimony about her experience in an Ontario women's shelter
  81. Lawyers gone bad! Sex and Madness in Canada's legal profession
  82. Ontario Justice Bruce Pugsley's recent comments in family court
  83. East Region Practice Direction Regarding Form 14B Motions and Case Conferences
  84. Barrie, Ontario Rally 2008 - Pre-Register Now!
  85. Globe and Mail column on false allegations
  86. Prominent Criminal Lawyer Walter Fox from Toronto speaks
  87. Fisher vs Fisher
  88. Foster kid spill the beans! Halton Children's Aid Society worker gives cigaretts to u
  89. How CAS workers manipulate children in a campaign to harm fathers and protect mothers
  90. A historical article (1999) with regards to Ottawa Family Court...
  91. Article on cnn.com
  92. Joint Effort to Change Table Amounts of CS
  93. Support for Bill M483 Equal Parenting Rights
  94. Internationally acclaimed Canadian scientist to speak about abuse of children and fam
  95. Hamilton MPP introduces Ombudsman oversight bill to make CAS more accountable!
  96. Federal Laws Needed for Domestic Violence
  97. Ontario - Parental Alienation Symposium
  98. Violation of the rights of citizens under Ontario's Law Society Act
  99. Mental Health Diversion Program + Refusal of Treatment ...
  100. Vellacott celebrates National Child Day with announcement of Equal Parenting bill