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  1. Mediation & Domestic Violence
  2. Abused
  3. Proof of seperation for CRA
  4. For those who think they will eventually get out...
  5. what do i do
  6. What the Canadian law do with Violence against Men
  7. omg this is a horrid story
  8. Child Abuse .org
  9. Another horrid story involving the CAS
  10. U may B right...
  11. Raw Fear Towards Father
  12. Live in boyfriend abuse and effect on child
  13. What to do next?
  14. Settlement Conference and Child Abuse Situation
  15. Access to the matrimonial house
  16. Dealing with mental illness and domestic violence
  17. HELP I don't know what to do
  18. emotional and sexual abuse
  19. Wake me up, it's a nightmare
  20. Stuck in the Middle!
  21. My stupid, stupid story
  22. Abusive husband
  23. Question on domestic violence
  24. new..need advice.
  25. interim custody- how to apply?
  26. Mediation when there has been domestic violence
  27. Family Court vs Criminal Court?
  28. How long for motion to vary undertaking?
  29. Abusive/Possibly mentally ill wife, child involved.
  30. Punched, Arrested and Innocent
  31. support group??
  32. wife may use "domestic violence" to get child custody.
  33. separation agreement, need help ASAP!
  34. Criminal record vs Police record
  35. Not sure what to do here
  36. Emotional Abuse
  37. Should I be concerned?
  38. abusive wife
  39. dads who want custody
  40. What contitutes harassment?
  41. Abusive husband files false charges
  42. Peace Bonds
  43. Illegally Arrested by Brantford Police
  44. What if the woman is charged?
  45. Can a domestic violent parent ... be a good parent?
  46. Advice for Obtaining a Retraining Order
  47. Stalking/harrasment question
  48. lawyers acting badly
  49. need help for my mother ASAP
  50. Trial?!?
  51. abandonment
  52. What now? Please Help
  53. Sociopath
  54. YWCY in Yellowknife making strides to invetigate protection orders
  55. Please give me some info
  56. what to do
  57. Peace Bond
  58. I have no doubt...
  59. Sexual assault case in Toronto Star article
  60. end of my rope
  61. Abusive mother
  62. After leaving abusive situation...
  63. Housing question
  64. Access with domestic violence
  65. cycles of abuse
  66. Copies of Police Reports
  67. Parallel Parenting and Domestic Violence
  68. What would you do?
  69. munchausen by proxy syndrome
  70. Sexual Abuse - what kind of system do we have?
  71. Along the lines of "statute of limitation"...
  72. Settling a divorce when partner will not talk to you.. emotional abuse?
  73. And it continues....
  74. Black eye
  75. Grandparents in Family Disputes
  76. Child Being Hit and Told to Lie to Counsellor
  77. No help from the CAS
  78. So I hit a point - I called the police
  79. Can I keep him home?
  80. The police visit - some 10 days ago
  81. violence and adversarial vs. collaborative law
  82. Narcissistic Behaviour Information
  83. male victims of domestic violence
  84. THANK YOU ! Recording advice is gold !
  85. DV...What is acceptable to report ?
  86. time limitations on charges?
  87. Harrasment on 3rd parties
  88. Stepfather hits son- can we withhold Mothers access if he is present?
  89. The Witch Hunt as a Structure of Argumentation
  90. custody.. question 8 violence
  91. Allegations of Abuse / Unilateral Removal of Child from Habitual Residence - Case Law
  92. Professional & Clinical Obligation to Report Abuse
  93. What's the Matter with Memory?
  94. Obligation to Investigate
  95. "Factitous Disorder by Proxy" - First Case Law in Canada
  96. How to deal with ongoing false allegations...
  97. Abusive punishments for child
  98. Menchella v. Menchella - Text messages constituting "violence"
  99. Lawyers Speaks Out - Charges in Family Law
  100. New law will support false allegations of abuse.