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Washington Divorce Attorneys

Please choose from one of the following listings about Washington Divorce Attorneys:

  • Bellevue (4)

  • Bellingham (1)

  • Burien (1)

  • Centralia (1)

  • Everett (2)

  • Federal Way (1)

  • Kent (1)

  • Kirkland (1)

  • Olympia (2)

  • Redmond (1)

  • Seattle (15)

  • Spokane (8)

  • Tacoma (6)

  • Vancouver (3)

  • Yakima (1)

  • 1. Barry D. Rose, Attorney at Law
    Areas of practice include: Marital dissolution (divorce), with or without children. Legal separations. Parenting plan modifications (custody) based on changed circumstances such as geographic relocations, work schedule changes, child development problems, etc. Child support modifications based on changed financial circumstances, both positive and negative, as well as two year review rights under statutory law. Paternity cases (establishment of parentage), including development of parenting plan and order of child support. Cohabitation cases (property divisions based on joint living arrangements). Property Division (arrange for the valuation and division of businesses, pensions, real estate, etc.). Prenuptial and post-marital property agreements. Pro se consultations (assist those requesting limited representation or conducting their own cases without official attorney representation).
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    2. Hanis Greaney PLLC.
    The attorneys and staff at Hanis Greaney are driven to achieve client satisfaction. In pursuing the recovery of any claim, we will address the entirety of our clients' needs competently, aggressively, and with complete confidentiality. At the outset of every matter, we strive to offer an accurate and honest assessment of the likelihood of success. We believe strongly in presenting all of the information clients need to weigh the benefits to be gained in pursuit of any legal action. Our goal is to help resolve the client's legal challenges with as little financial and emotional turmoil as possible. We will advise you of your options and offer our recommendations, but most importantly, we will act with respect to your needs and choices. Practice includes many areas, including divorce and family law.
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    3. Jennifer C. Rydberg, Attorney-at-Law
    Sensitive and comprehensive legal services are provided in many areas of family law, including: Child Support Common Law Marriage Complex Property Divisions Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Do-It-Yourself Divorce and Family Law Litigation Grandparent Custody & Visitation Guiding People Representing Themselves Legal Separation Living together arrangements Maintenance (Alimony) Meretricious Relationships Modifications & Adjustments of financial support and parenting Parenting Plans (Child custody & visitation disputes) Paternity Actions Pre-Marital Agreements Ms. Rydberg has extensive experience in complex property issues and international laws and treaties as they relate to family law. She has handled numerous cases involving issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse, addictions and mental health. Ms. Rydberg believes that the client should be a full partner working with her, using family law as a tool to achieve life goals, strongly supporting the client's legal rights while being efficient and economical with the client's resources.
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