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Pennsylvania Divorce Attorneys

Please choose from one of the following listings about Pennsylvania Divorce Attorneys:

1. Family Law Library
An extensive family law library put together by John Wendell Beavers, Esq. of Philadelphia, PA.
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2. D Patrick Zimmerman, Esquire Lancaster, Pennsylvania Attorney
D Patrick Zimmerman, Esquire - Pennsylvania Attorney, a single practitioner with approximately thirty-six years experience in diversified areas of law, including divorce and family law.
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3. Attorneys MacDonald Illig Jones and Britton Erie, Pennsylvania
MacDonald Illig's Family Law Group routinely represents individuals with regard to domestic issues. Our group is comprised of experienced attorneys who represent individuals in divorces, support matters, custody matters, pre and post nuptial agreements, and adoptions. We regularly handle cases before Judges in Erie County as well as appeals taken to the Superior Court. The approach taken by our family law attorneys is to resolve cases favorably for their clients without the need for court intervention. However, if a case cannot be resolved on terms favorable and acceptable to our client, our family law attorneys will aggressively represent their clients during the litigation phase of a case. In the course of our family law practice, we frequently draw upon the expertise of the attorneys in our tax, business, and real estate practice groups to meet the various needs of our clients. MacDonald Illig's family law attorneys expertly and compassionately guide their clients to a successful resolution of their family law cases.
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4. Bennett and Associates
Our practice is focused exclusively on assisting families facing divorce. For most families, the decision to divorce is followed by several equally difficult decisions involving children, finances, and property. When you and your family face divorce, our experienced and patient family law attorneys are here to help you and your family make decisions, reach agreements, and move forward. Through negotiation, mediation, and the collaborative law process, our family law attorneys provide you with an environment in which all the issues related to your divorce and family can be resolved on one place. Unlike most family courts, which handle difference issues, such as custody, support, and equitable distribution in different proceedings, and often with different judges or masters, we take a holistic approach and work toward a streamlined solution. Litigation of custody, support, and property disputes is not the only answer, and in fact litigation should only be used as a last resort. Although our family law attorneys perform divorce litigation when reasonable agreements are unachievable, we work hard to limit your costs, both financial and emotional, by exploring resolution of your disputes outside of court. Resolving your disputes outside of family court also allows you to maintain control of the process and the terms of your agreements, rather than turning over control of your family's future to a third party. We also work with couples who wish to execute a pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement. If you have decided to divorce and desire a process that will generate agreement that is the best interest of you and your children, contact us. We will schedule an appointment for you to meet with an experienced Pennsylvania divorce lawyer.
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5. Susan V. Edwards Esquire, Family Law
Susan V. Edwards is a family law attorney with over twenty years legal experience. She practices primarily in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. In her practice she actively represents husbands and wives and mothers and fathers in child and spousal support, custody, divorce, property settlement and all other issues relating to the dissolution of a marriage. She represents grandparents seeking to exercise their rights to be involved with their grandchildren. She is an Advanced Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution. She is an attorney/partner for Pennsylvania's Project PEACE
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6. Law Firm Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff
Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff is a medium-sized, full service law firm headquartered in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania serving clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Our size enables us to provide a variety of services to our clients while maintaining the direct, personal contact we believe is so important to effective legal representation. Accessibility, responsiveness and personal commitment is what every client receives from each member of our friendly, professional staff.
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7. Wesley F. Hamilton Zelienople Pennsylvania PA Family Law
The Law Firm of Wesley F. Hamilton is located in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and provides legal representation for family law.
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Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [16] | Apr 17, 2005

8. Asteak Law Offices
Asteak Law Offices maintains a full range of services in the areas of divorce, custody, support, and family law. The attorneys are available to provide advice, counsel, and representation at all stages of the domestic dispute process, before and after separation, including Domestic Relations Support Conferences, Custody Conferences, Custody Trials, issues involving equitable distribution of marital property, both simple and complex, and divorce proceedings. Confidential, knowledgeable, and objective guidance and advice is required when dealing with these emotionally charged and sensitive issues. The attorneys and staff recognize clients' needs and address them in a professional and prompt manner.
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