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New York City

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1. Divorce Attorney in New York City
I am a divorce attorney practicing family law in the Kingston New York area, and I am now located in New York City practicing divorce law. I also practice family law in saugerties New York and criminal law in Saugerties New York. I will competently handle virtually all matters that seem likely to end up in a court of law. If you are looking for a fearless experienced advocate with about nineteen (19) years experience try giving me a call!
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [2] Hits: [9] | Apr 18, 2005

2. Flemming, Zulack & Williamson, LLP
Our matrimonial group is led by partners Cynthia Rubin and Jack Zulack. Our clients include professionals in the business and entertainment worlds, many of whom have multi-million dollar cases. We never divulge the names of our clients, and we handle their cases with utmost discretion. Our matrimonial practice includes the entire panoply of family law, custodial and financial issues. We represent clients in disputes involving international and interstate custody, paternity issues, spousal and child abuse, and grandparents' and gay parents' rights. We work with experts in appraising marital assets, including the valuation of businesses, professional practices and licenses. We believe that it is preferable to resolve matrimonial disputes through the process of negotiation rather than litigation because, in our view, negotiation rather than litigation maximizes the well-being of both parents and children. We try to settle our cases using outside consultants such as accountants, financial planners and child psychologists, where appropriate. We also can and do aggressively litigate and try cases when they cannot be settled. While we prefer to be peacemakers, we believe that we are unsurpassed as litigators and trial lawyers, and we use our litigation and trial skills when required. We believe in a team approach to resolving matrimonial cases. While one partner usually will take the lead, our other attorneys are always available for consultation and assistance. We have found it invaluable to have a team of knowledgeable lawyers available to help make difficult decisions or to step into a case, when necessary, to provide new insight or a new personality mix. We view the client as the most important member of our matrimonial team and keep each client fully informed of all developments, enabling him or her to take an active decision-making role. Our goal in representing our matrimonial clients is to produce the best possible result for our clients consistent with the continued well-being of their spouses and children. We understand in handling matrimonial matters that our clients are going through an extremely difficult transition. We try to make that transition as painless as possible and help our clients emerge with their own and their children's economic and emotional lives intact.
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [1] Hits: [7] | May 9, 2005

3. McLaughlin & Stern, LLP
McLaughlin & Stern represents clients in all aspects of family law, including separation, divorce, equitable distribution of property, support, paternity, custody and visitation rights. In addition, our experienced attorneys negotiate and prepare pre-marital and post-marital agreements that are tailored to the client's individual needs and circumstances. Our goal is to achieve the best and most expeditious result for our clients through negotiation, mediation and, when necessary, litigation.
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [7] | May 9, 2005

4. International Divorce Law Office at Morley and Trager
International divorce law firm in New York; highly experienced international divorce lawyers; New York family law attorneys; matrimonial law, separation, custody, property disputes; international network. International divorce concentration.
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [4] | Mar 30, 2005

5. Law Offices of Timothy J. Horgan
Established in 1984, we specialize in all areas of Matrimonial and Family Law, servicing men and women in the New York City area. We handle matters ranging from contested cases involving complex property distribution issues to the negotiating of prenuptial agreements.
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [1] | Mar 30, 2005

6. New York Divorce, The Law Offices of Stephen I. Silberfein
Law Offices of Stephen I. Silberfein, one of Manhattan's premier matrimonial law firms. Compassionate and professional advocates for all family law matters, including divorce, separation, pre-nuptial agreements, and child custody and visitation.
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Rating: [10.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [1] | Mar 30, 2005

7. Attorneys Franklin Weinrib Rudell & Vassallo PC New York New York NY
The firm handles prenuptial agreements, marital agreements, separation agreements, divorce agreements, and all aspects of domestic relations disputes, including custody, support, paternity, and equitable distribution issues. We regularly negotiate and litigate matters involving the valuation of assets, such as businesses, licenses, degrees, and professional practices. The firm's reputation has been enhanced by our work in many high profile matrimonial cases. We have extensive experience in all trial and appellate courts in the New York Metropolitan Area, and several appeals we have handled resulted in landmark decisions. Our partners have been appointed by sitting judges as guardians ad litem for children and as special referees to supervise discovery in difficult cases. Our partners in charge of matrimonial matters are Fellows in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a national society with strict standards of admission, and have served on various committees of its New York Chapter. One of our partners has sat on its Board of Governors and Board of Examiners, and was elected a Diplomate in The American College of Family Trial Lawyers, whose membership is limited to 100 nationwide.
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Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [8] | May 9, 2005

8. Buchanan Ingersoll
Buchanan Ingersoll's Family Law Group works closely with the firm's Alternative Dispute Resolution Group to provide services in the areas of divorce, alimony, custody, tax and property issues. This work extends to areas such as mediation, adoption, change of name, prenuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements for couples. We are known as problem solvers and believe in alternative solutions to litigation of family law issues. In the highly charged emotional atmosphere of family disputes, we have devised alternatives to potentially time consuming and burdensome litigation.
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Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [8] | May 9, 2005

9. Law Offices of Sergio Villaverde PLLC New York NY Family Law
Our firm handles a full range of Family Law matters including adoption, divorce, separation, premarital agreements, paternity, custody, and child support. We are experienced in assisting spouses and children in getting what is their due under the law. We are experienced in enforcement and collection of support and other Court orders.
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Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [6] | Mar 13, 2005

10. Divorce and Family Law Attorney, New York City, NY.
Law Offices of Vivien I. Stark, P.C., New York City. Divorce, family law, child custody and visitation. Serving the cities of New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, New York.
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Rating: [0.00] Votes: [0] Hits: [5] | Mar 13, 2005

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