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21. Boston Massachusetts Family Law Attorneys Maiona & Maiona
Attorney Justin G. Maiona is head of the Family Law department and is a partner with the firm. Mr. Maiona has been practicing Family Law for over nine years exclusively. Mr. Maiona was a clerk at the Probate and Family Court in Norfolk County. If you are separated or considering pursuing divorce from your spouse, it is critical to know that your initial actions and decisions could not only dramatically affect the outcome of your divorce but also your financial and emotional future. Division of property, alimony, child support, custody and visitation are a number of factors that are often decided on a temporary basis at the very beginning of a separation or divorce. These 'temporary' results are often the basis for the final or permanent orders. Only with representation by counsel that specializes in the field of Family Law, can you be sure that these decisions will be made with the foresight and knowledge of an experienced professional. Child related issues are complex and serious. Decisions about child support, childcare, and educational expenses for example must not be made without careful consideration of long-range implications and impacts, both on the child and yourself. While the child's best interests must always be considered first, your emotional and financial well being must be stable in order to best provide for that child in the present and the future. There are no more difficult decisions to make than those that involve the care and custody of your child, whether it is in a divorce or paternity action. Representation by an experienced Family Law attorney is the only way to ensure the best possible scenario for both you and your child.
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22. Cohen & Fierman LLP, Boston, Massachusetts Law Firm, Divorce
Boston Massachusetts law firm who can help you with: Adoptions, Alimony & Child Support, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Removal, Contempt of Court Orders or Judgments, Division of Marital Property, Divorce, Domestic Partnership Agreements, Medical Insurance, Pensions, Retirement Accounts, QDROs, Modification of Agreements or Judgments, Other Domestic Relations Matters, Prenuptial Agreements, Restraining Orders, Separation Agreements, Surrogacy Agreements, Temporary Orders
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23. Divorce Lawyer Andrew S. Guisbond, Massachusetts
Our family law office is in Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace with another convenient office in Lexington, Massachusetts, serving clients in Arlington, Bedford, Concord, Carlisle, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Weston and other nearby communities.
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24. Margaret S. Travers, P.C.
The decision to get a divorce is difficult for most people to make. The prospects of reconstructing one’s life and navigating the legal process are daunting. Many people who make the decision to divorce look back years later on the experience with awe – that it was even more difficult than they initially imagined – even when they know that it was the right thing for them to do. If you are contemplating a divorce but have not yet made the decision to separate, it is the right time for you to see a lawyer. You need to learn about the process in order to make sound decisions about whether, when, and how to proceed. You may find it beneficial to work with a therapist to assist you in making personal decisions. You can read about the process from many sources. (One excellent resource is The Divorce Handbook by James T. Friedman, available in paperback from Random House.) It is important to get the advice on your own unique situation from a qualified lawyer who specializes in family law. Most of the practice of Margaret S. Travers, P.C. consists of divorce cases. Our role is ordinarily to represent one party to the divorce (one lawyer cannot represent both parties) in opposition to counsel representing the other spouse. Sometimes we serve our client as advisors during a mediation process. We encourage our clients to seek mediation in suitable situations, particularly when there are children involved, such as with an able mental health professional in working out a Parenting Plan. The legal process of obtaining a divorce is fairly simple. It usually begins with the filing in the Court of a Complaint for Divorce, usually on the no-fault grounds of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. When the Complaint is filed, a Restraining Order enters automatically, which prevents the Plaintiff from using assets other than for ordinary living or business expenses or for legal fees. Once the Complaint if filed, a Domestic Relations Summons is issued by the Court and served on the Defendant, either by acceptance or by a third party. Upon service, the same Restraining Order applies to the Defendant. When a written Agreement resolving all issues is filed with the Court, the case can be processed on the Complaint, if 6 months have passed since the filing, or the Complaint may be amended to a Joint Petition for Divorce to eliminate that 6-month period. Most Courts will schedule a hearing of an uncontested divorce within several weeks of the request. A Divorce Judgment Absolute will enter automatically, 90 days from the hearing of a Complaint, and 120 days from the hearing of a Joint Petition. The complexity of a divorce is often related to the nature of the assets owned by the couple. The process of resolving financial issues usually begins with the exchange between the parties of a Financial Statement that summarizes a party’s income, expenses, assets, and debts and which discloses what counsel fees have been paid and incurred. An important aspect of learning what needs to be known about the case (a process called discovery) is the production of documents. Other forms of discovery that are frequently used include interrogatories and depositions. The appraisal of a home or other property is often necessary. Certain kinds of pension plans require valuation by an expert. We usually prefer to file a Complaint for Divorce on behalf of our client and have the negotiation of all issues take place within the context of the Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure, rather than waiting to determine whether an agreement can be reached and processed from the start on a Joint Petition.
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25. Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer
Gerald L. Nissenbaum has been named one of the best divorce lawyers in the country by Town and Country and the best in town by Boston Magazine. He is rated AV by Martindale-Hubble He has been a practicing trial lawyer and family law attorney in the Boston area since 1967. has been created and designed to provide information, resources, and services for our clients and others who find themselves facing divorce.
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26. White, Inker, Aronson, P.C.
The Law Office of White, Inker, Aronson, P.C. is located in Boston, Massachusetts and practices in the areas of adoption, child support, custody & visitation, divorce and family law.
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27. Gadsby Hannah LLP
Gadsby Hannah’s Family Law Group provides a broad range and depth of experience in matrimonial and family law matters including divorce proceedings, paternity actions, custody disputes, contempt and modification proceedings. We negotiate and draft pre-marital and cohabitation contracts designed to protect our clients and maintain their privacy. We also handle general probate matters as well as probate litigation. The family law group has extensive experience handling complex financial issues that arise in sophisticated asset division as well as the tax consequences of property transfers and support payments. We have the strong trial skills necessary to bring a sense of reason to the negotiation process. We pride ourselves on prompt responses to clients and we communicate in a clear and straightforward manner. We also work with other professionals within and outside of the firm when multi-disciplinary issues arise. Our goal is to offer our clients the highest quality legal representation and personalized attention in this delicate area of the law.
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28. Mildred N. Phillips, Lawyers in Boston, MA, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts, general practice law firm advising and representing clients on divorce and family law. Our firm takes advantage of today's technology to provide cost-effective and efficient services to our clients by conducting most of our legal research electronically, communicating with our clients by fax, e-mail, and returning clients telephone calls in a timely manner. Our firm participates regularly in continuing legal education to ensure that our clients have the advantage of the latest information.
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29. Taylor, Ganson, & Perrin, LLP
The domestic relations attorneys at Taylor, Ganson & Perrin are experienced in all facets of domestic relations law and litigation including prenuptial matters, divorce, child custody and paternity actions. Domestic litigation is a most stressful time in a client's life, and the damaging effect it can have on a family cannot be underestimated. Our foremost goal is to zealously represent our clients without losing sight of the immediate and long-term value of preserving family harmony. We believe that reasoned negotiations, which allow clients to make informed, controlled and balanced decisions, provide the greatest opportunity for reaching resolutions that are fair and harmonious for the long-term. In many cases, however, court-ordered resolutions are necessary. As experienced trial lawyers and advocates, our domestic relations attorneys will vigorously pursue and defend a client's interests in the family courts throughout the state. Domestic relations cases often involve complex business, tax, or financial issues. We regularly collaborate with the most experienced forensic experts in the areas of business valuations, trust valuations, and appraisals of real estate and other property to obtain the best possible result for our clients. Our team of in-house accountants works closely with our attorneys to ensure that tax implications are carefully considered when crafting financial settlements. We are sensitive to and personally committed to the unique situation of each individual client, and strive for common sense approaches and solutions to domestic litigation. This, we believe, distinguishes our domestic relations attorneys from others.
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30. The Law Office of C. Peter R. Gossels, Master of the Superior Court
Mr. Gossels has drafted prenuptial agreements and served as a justice of the peace to solemnize a marriage. Mr. Gossels represents both wives and husbands as a litigator in divorce proceedings in the Probate and Family Courts of Barnstable, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk counties, but he never represents both the husband and wife. He also serves as a member of the Section on Family Law of the Boston Bar Association. Mr. Gossels' expertise in family law was recognized when he appeared as an expert on prenuptial agreements on Boston Channel 4's Live on Four on October 12, 1988. Mr. Gossels offers more than forty years of experience to assist his clients who are interested in obtaining a divorce, custody of their children and the maximum share of the marital estate. He also represents clients whose circumstances have changed since they obtained their divorce. Mr. Gossels' experience and skills have protected many of his clients who needed abuse protection orders under G. L. c. 209A or otherwise. Although he has successfully litigated many divorce cases to a conclusion, Mr. Gossels prefers to achieve the objectives of his clients by negotiation wherever possible to save them the expense of trying such a case and to reduce the stress and emotional harm that families suffer from bitter protracted divorce proceedings. Therefore, Mr. Gossels will do all he can, whenever possible, to draft and suggest fair-minded separation agreements acceptable to his client and to the other side that will protect the interests of his client and his or her children until they shall have been emancipated. Mr. Gossels also represents those who seek to have a guardian or conservator appointed to care for a loved one and his or her assets in the Probate Court as well as wards who may have been deprived of their liberty and property by unscrupulous relatives.
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