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Glen Burnie

Please choose from one of the following listings about Maryland Divorce Attorneys > Glen Burnie:

1. Glen Burnie Lawyer, The Law Firm of William C. Trevillian
Divorce and separation are emotional issues. It is often difficult to calmly assess all the details and stay mindful of the end result. At the law firm of William C. Trevillian, P.A., we have handled difficult, stressful family law situations for 25 years. Our legal work in family law includes: Divorce Separation agreements Child custody Child support Alimony Custody disputes Property settlement disputes Modification of support Prenuptial Agreements Our first priority as your attorneys is to take time to listen to your particular situation. We offer flexible office hours during the week and appointment times every other Saturday. We also offer free consultations. Special appointments can also be set to fit around your work schedule. Our goal at the Law Offices of William C. Trevillian, P.A. is to ensure that our client’s interests and rights are completely and fully protected. We accomplish this goal by utilizing our 25 years of experience and vast knowledge of family law.
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2. Glen Burnie Maryland Attorney
Our family law practice is dedicated to helping you with difficult matters in a way that protects your interests, while allowing you and your family members to preserve relationships whenever possible. We will work with you to craft fair and realistic agreements on tough issues such as child custody and support. Whether your disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we will protect your interests and help you advance your goals. We represent clients on a variety of family law matters, including: Divorce Separation Child Support Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) Custody & Visitation Division of Assets & Debts Modification of Custody & Support Adoption Domestic Violence Protective Orders If you are contemplating divorce, your spouse is seeking a divorce, or you are experiencing any other family issues, contact us. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can serve you and your family.
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3. Law Offices of Jimeno & Gray, Glen Burnie Attorneys
Our firm's domestic practice includes representing people in divorces, child custody and/or visitation matters, child support litigation, paternity actions, guardianships and adoptions. Our experienced lawyers have even been appointed by the Courts to represent children and vulnerable elderly adults. It is important to remember that the divorce and child custody laws are not the same as in other states or like what you may see on television. In divorce matters, Maryland is not a community property state; Maryland is an equitable distribution state. This means the courts will try to do what is equitable, or fair. This also means that you need advise from a Maryland domestic lawyer to dispel many of the myths that your friends, family members, or neighbors may mistakenly tell you, and that you may mistakenly believe. There are many factors to discuss in any domestic case. Our initial consultation will educate you about your rights. The sooner we are able to sit down and talk with you, the sooner we can inform you what will be involved in your case. If you don't know what you are entitled to, you won't get it. Together, we will work through what may be a very difficult time in your life.
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4. The Law offices of Henault & Sysko, Chartered
The Attorneys at Henault & Sysko, Chartered, can provide comprehensive legal services ranging from the determination of grounds for absolute or limited divorce and assisting in the resolution of property, custody, support, and visitation disputes, to the drafting and negotiation of Antenuptial and Separation and Property Agreements, and where necessary, litigating any of these issues.
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