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1. Orlando Florida Divorce Attorney Kenneth D. Morse, P.A.
Kenneth D. Morse, P.A., provides experienced legal representation to individuals in all types of family law cases. We strive to help people through the difficult emotional and legal challenges that often accompany family law issues by providing them with the best solution to their legal problem. Our firm has developed a network of professionals to assist you in the preparation of your case including psychologists, accountants, vocational evaluators, real estate experts, tax, and personal property appraisers. We ensure that each client understands the issues inherent in their case so that they can make the best possible decisions, and if necessary, we will diligently and aggressively fight for our clients' rights in court. Our family law representation includes: Divorce and Separation (including separation agreements) Child Support and Support Related Issues Child Custody and Visitation (including multi-state jurisdictional issues) Marital Settlement Agreements Alimony Paternity Cases Pre-Nuptial Agreements Post-Divorce Issues
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2. Orlando Florida FL Family Law Lawyer
We handle all areas of family law to better serve your interests. This includes divorce, custody, adoption, child support and juvenile matters. Adoption especially step parent and grandparent adoption. Child Support - Every child deserves economic support from both parents. We believe this strongly. Custody and Visitation - We specialize in getting fathers custody of their children. Divorce One of the most important decisions you will ever make. We offer a free consultation prior to you hiring us. Litigation & Appeals We handle all areas of family law to better serve your interests. This includes divorce, custody, adoption, child support and juvenile matters.
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3. effective, aggressive and comprehensive legal representation in Florida in many areas of law, including divorce and family law.
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4. Family Law Attorney Marc L. Lubet Orlando Florida FL
The Law Office of Marc L. Lubet, P.A., in Orlando, Florida, represents individuals, families, and businesses throughout Florida, in Seminole, Volusia, Brevard, Osceola, and Orange counties. Our attorneys have been providing skilled and well-respected legal assistance to clients in family law and divorce. We practice in a wide range of family law and divorce issues, including: Adoption Alimony, maintenance, or spousal support Annulments Child custody Child kidnapping Child support Contempt and enforcement proceedings Divorce Domestic abuse Guardianships Legal separation Marital property division Mediation Paternity Post-judgment modification Postnuptial agreements Premarital and prenuptial agreements Restraining orders Temporary hearings Termination of parental rights Visitation and placement Working in family law and divorce for many years, we understand the emotional distress and pain felt by all parties involved. We also understand the importance in preserving the family dynamic, while coming to a full and fair agreement. Our firm is also well-versed in mediation. We handle every family law and divorce matter with the utmost professionalism and personal care.
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5. Divorce Attorney Jeffrey A. Sunday, Orlando Florida FL
Divorce is a difficult process to go through, even under the best of circumstances. If your divorce case can and should be settled, I’ll tell you. I always offer clients the opportunity to talk to their spouse and find out if a mutual agreement can be worked out. Settling your case will save you the emotional and financial expenses of a trial. If your case cannot be settled, I will tirelessly pursue your case in either mediation or trial. I never disregard the significant details of divorce cases. In no way do I generate unnecessary work and discovery just for the sake of generating fees. To foster an atmosphere where the two parties can work out a mutual agreement, I advise my clients to speak respectfully of the other party, especially in the presence of their children. I advise clients to be pragmatic and to control their temper. Armed with unique knowledge of the law and how it applies, I candidly tell clients what the likely outcome of divorce actions will be such as property settlement, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support. Even if the two parties are only able to resolve some of the many issues, the case will be less costly and contentious. Having served as a Divorce Master for 11 years, I have seen both sides of divorce cases and have issued rulings on matters such as property settlement, custody and visitation, alimony and child support. By knowing how a judge is likely to view your case, I am in a distinctively better position than most lawyers to encourage you to settle for a reasonable outcome. However if the other side doesn’t agree to a settlement, I will aggressively pursue your interests at trial.
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6. Family Law Attorney Juan Carlos Perez Orlando Florida FL
Issues involving the family are sensitive and critical. You need an attorney who will handle your case in a confidential, empathetic manner. I have extensive experience in family law and represent clients in the following areas: divorce, spousal support, paternity, child custody, child support, arrearages, visitation, temporary orders, legal separation, premarital agreements, domestic abuse, alimony, modifications, terminations, and guardianships. Frequently, the most lasting and affordable family matter solution can be made through negotiation or settlement, however I am prepared to bring your case to court when it is in your best interests to do so.
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7. Attorneys Orlando
Our firm handles a full range of family law matters including adoption, divorce, separation, premarital agreements, paternity, custody, support, and modifications of child support and custody orders.
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8. Family Law Attorney David S. Glicken Orlando Florida FL
Our Family Law Practice provides comprehensive services to clients facing such issues as child custody disputes, domestic violence, and divorce. One of the most complicated issues involved in a divorce is the equitable distribution of property, in which the court will make a fair allocation of property taking into account specific important factors of the marriage. We help clients determine what property is “marital property” and which is “non-marital” (for example, inheritances and non-marital gifts). We also help clients actively pursue their property interests in divorce litigation, and frequently represent complex divorces involving high worth estates and the related issues. While we approach clients with genuine concern and empathy for their situation, we are fierce advocates in court representing our clients’ best interests and the interests of their families.
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9. Family Law Attorney Dorothy J. McMichan Orlando, Florida
Our firm handles a full range of family law matters. Partner Dorothy J. McMichen, is one of the small number of attorneys in the Orange County area who are Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. Also known as Dissolution of Marriage, every divorce proceeding is unique. We handle straightforward uncomplicated divorces and complex dissolutions. A divorce can involve: Alimony Division of property Complex business evaluation Mutual funds, stocks and securities distribution Evaluation of assets Debt management Pensions/401K Plans Children's Issues Attorneys Fees & Costs We can be trusted to negotiate an equitable distribution of debts and assets, as well as handling all other matters related to divorces.
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10. Family Law Attorneys Orlando Florida FL
Most people face crisis sometime in their life. You don't have to go through it alone. If you are contemplating a divorce, it does not have to devastate your family. We have extensive experience in family law. We understand the difficult issues raised by divorce such as child support, custody & visitation, spousal support, and property division. Every family is different, and we work to develop custom solutions that work for you and your family when resolving these difficult issues.
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