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Please choose from one of the following listings about British Columbia Divorce Lawyers > Victoria:

1. Donald R. Mcleod, Law Corporation
Divorce, Child Custody and Access, Spousal and Child Support, Division of Assets, Protection from Abuse. We can help you: With child custody or access for grandparents and other family members as well as parents; Obtain support for yourself and/or your children; Divide family assets such as real estate, family businesses, RRSP's, pensions, investments and other property, no matter in whose name they are; Have your spouse removed from the family home, and obtain sole use of it for yourself; Obtain an Order keeping your spouse away from you and/or your children, or setting strict limits on the kind and frequency of contact your spouse is permitted; Divide assets from a common-law relationship, even if the assets are not in your name; Obtain a Paternity Order and get support from your child's father; Obtain support from your adult children if you are a parent in need; Deal with questions of an infirm or elderly relative's care and management of his/her estate. Your case will begin with us interviewing you at length so we know the history of the relationship; to keep costs as low as possible, we ask you to provide us with a written report setting out the circumstances of your case, with dates, times, names, and as much detail as possible. Remember you know more about your case than we do, so the more detail the better. We need to know how you and your spouse divided child care and household responsibilities, how much each of you worked outside the home, and the dates each of you did so, what you earned, and what financial arrangements you had, what assets each of you brought into the relationship, and what assets were acquired after the relationship began. We will give you a financial worksheet to complete, from which we can prepare a Property and Financial Statement - a document that the Court requires at the outset. Only about 10% of cases actually go to trial; the vast majority are settled by negotiation. We do however obtain a trial date "just in case"; if your case cannot be settled, at least there is a trial date, which means the end is in sight. We will not try to explain the whole process here: it is complex, and more easily explained in person. Divorce/Separation is such a final step, with such an impact on children, that the Federal Government has made it a legal requirement that lawyers advise you to make every effort to reconcile. Lawyers can only be of limited assistance because we are not trained counsellors. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have a Professional Registered Clinical Counsellor in our office.
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2. Gordon & Velletta, Lawyers, Victoria British Columbia Canada
The beginning or the end of a relationship can be very stressful. Many people find it difficult to be firm and objective because of heightened emotions, added childcare responsibilities and reductions in household income. As a result, rights are often given up or compromised. We will fight for your rights both in and out of court, to protect your future and your family's well-being. We also recognize that for many people, court may not be the best solution. That's why we encourage mediation and negotiated settlements where appropriate. We prepare pre-nuptial and separation agreements and represent our clients in proceedings for divorce, custody, access, maintenance, guardianship and alimony.
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3. Waddell Raponi Lawyers, Victoria BC Canada
We regularly advise clients on such matters as separation, divorce, custody and access, property division and maintenance. Our approach is to assist clients in resolving their disputes in the most effective way, by a non-adversarial approach, if possible, or in court, if necessary. Our lawyers have extensive experience in all areas of family law, including division of family property, spousal and child support claims, custody and access disputes, paternity issues, constructive trust claims, and representing children's interests. We have presented cases at every level of court, from family Court at the Provincial Court level to the Court of Appeal. We also utilize mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms. We take a team approach, where appropriate, combining the value of experience with the assistance of junior lawyers to deliver the best value to our clients. We offer fixed fees for some services such as initial consultations, uncontested Divorce and Adoption applications, and simple cohabitation and marriage agreements. We can also offer flexible payment options. Eugene Raponi, our senior family lawyer, is also a family law mediator and has been mediating disputes since 1994. He has experience in various forms of family mediation, including lawyer-assisted mediation. He also practices in the area of Collaborative Family Law.
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