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Please choose from one of the following listings about Alberta Divorce Lawyers > Lethbridge:

The breakup of a marriage is a difficult event. When you are going through a divorce, you will need the support of friends and family. You will also need a lawyer who will help you manage the legal tangles you will find yourself in because of your divorce. One should not delay in seeking legal advice if you are contemplating divorce or have been served with divorce papers. Your lawyer should not be there to make your divorce more difficult or stressful. They should be understanding, compassionate, and able to resolve your problem with as little stress as possible. Finally please consider mediation as an viable alternative to resolving your differences with your spouse. It is cost effective and efficient. It allows you to be in charge of the process and not the courts. Often disputes that can cost thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees to be resolved, can be resolved in hundred's of dollars by mediation. I strongly believe that mediation will be mandatory in most divorces in the near future. You owe it to yourself and your children to see if mediation can turn an ugly divorce into a win win situation and allow you to get on with life.
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2. Lethbridge Lawyers, MacLachlan McNab Hembroff
Sometimes clients feel intimidated by the often impassive approach of the traditional "ivory tower" law office. We strive to break that stereotypical idea by providing our clients with a relaxed atmosphere and a common sense approach to their legal concerns. Our practice includes divorce and family law.
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3. North & Company
Adoptions, Change of Name, Support for and Access to Children born inside or outside of Marriage, Common-law relationships, Pre and Post Marriage Contracts, Social Service Intervention and Divorce are all matters covered by the heading of Family Law. If you are involved in any of these proceedings it is imperative to know and understand your legal rights and obligations. If we can be of any assistance in any of these areas please contact us and we would be glad to provide our legal advice and knowledge.
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