The End of No-Fault Divorce? The Leskun Case

The Supreme Court of Canada released the Leskun decision today: In this case, the husband had an affair that led to the end of the marriage. Ms Leskun claimed that 8 years after the fact, she was still to emotionally devastated by her husband’s affair to work, and that this should be taken into […]

Family Law Alert Newsletter

You can now subscribe to my blog via email. Simply fill your email address in to the little box under my photo, and click the “subscribe me!” button. It’s kind of a neat technology that every night takes my postings, converts them to email, and mails them out. If you’re into reading a lot of […]

Family Law and Divorce Resources

If you’re reading this blog, you probably realize that pretty much anything you need is on the interent. However, it’s not always easy to find things. Here’s a list of websites relating to divorce and family law that I refer to regularly: Family Court Fees – Darned if I can remember how much court fees […]

Top 10 Signs That A Technology Geek’s Marriage is in Trouble

Can you spot a loopy piece of code faster than a speeding bullet? Can you create security systems more powerful than a locomotive? Can you leap across multiple platforms in a single bound? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a Superman when it comes to technology, BUT if youre like a […]

Alabama Family Law Blog

I recently discovered an interesting new blog – the Alabama Family Law Blog. This is produced by the Mobile, Alabama firm of Sherman & Jeffries, LLC. The blog contains a wealth of important tips for people involved in family law litigation. Some of these tips are: 1. Inform your lawyer right away if you have […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy

The intersection between family law and bankruptcy is fairly complicated. If you’re faced with that situation, it definitely makes sense to retain a lawyer who is experienced in the area of bankruptcy. Your family law lawyer is normally not the best choice unless they have extensive bankruptcy experience. What is a bankruptcy? Basically, when a […]

Divorce Legal Fees

Sigrent wrote a comment on divorce legal fees in the forums. He complains about how high legal fees are, and then offers some proposals for ensuring that your legal fees are kept down. The issue of legal fees for divorce is a complex one, which I can’t do justice to in a brief post here. […]

Welcome to the Ottawa Divorce Blog!

Welcome to my new divorce blog. I hope to make this a valuable addition to my website, providing you with divorce information, help and support. Please feel free to comment, as I’m always happy to hear from you.