Overcoming the 8 Roadblocks to Settling Your Divorce

In my last post, I discussed 8 roadblocks to settling your divorce. They are not easy to overcome, yet they are the reason that many divorce cases become so difficult to resolve. My preferred method for dealing with a lot of these roadblocks is to get a neutral experienced third party involved who can deal […]

8 Roadblocks to Settling Your Divorce

Many times in my practice, once I am familiar with all the facts of a case (including both my client’s version and the version of my client’s spouse) I can predict a range of outcomes that’s normally very accurate. Despite this, it can be difficult to settle a divorce case, raising legal fees tremendously and […]

How To Succed At Your Questioning (Examination for Discovery)

In Ontario, what was previously known as an examination for discovery is now called questioning. I’ve previously discussed what questioning is. There was an extensive discussion in our forum about how stressful questioning is. Here are 8 tips about how to succeed at your questioning: 1. Give Precise Answers. If you’re asked how much you […]

Disclosure Requirements for New Partners

One area of family law in which there tends to be a lot of misunderstanding is the effect of new partners on a person’s child support and spousal support oblgations. That is, if you start living with someone else, will that affect how much child or spousal support you must pay? Today, I’ll just deal […]

Wikipedia and the Quality of Evidence in Legal Cases

In family law cases, decisions depend greatly upon the quality of the information and evidence before the court. Often the law is simple – for instance, for anything relating to children, the test is what is in their best interests. Or, the law is vague – for instance, for spousal support the court considers: your […]