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Most people involved in a family law case in Canada know that the amount of spousal support or child support that must be paid is based on income. However, often people receive one-off payments during a year that they don’t normally receive – this is known as non-recurring income. Similarly, a person may suffer a […] Encourages Fraud?

So, somebody’s made a complaint to the Law Society about my web site and, in particular, about this page that deals with child support. While I haven’t yet received a copy of the complaint, apparently the essence of the complaint is that this page encourages fraud and encourages people to evade their child support obligations. […]

Retroactive Child Support

On February 13, 2006, the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments about whether child support should be varied retroactively when the support recipient has delayed requesting an increase in child support. The case has even garnered international attention. The issue has previously been dealt with by Courts of Appeal in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. […]

Child Support Guidelines – May 2006 Changes

In May 2006, there will be some sweeping changes to Canada’s child support laws. There are basically 3 major changes, as follows: 1. Since the Guidelines have come into effect, there has been a lot of litigation over what are know as “special or expenses” or “section 7 expenses” or “add-ons.” These are additional amounts […]

Contino Again

David Giles responds to my comments on his analysis of the Contino decision. David states: “The point I was trying to make, and perhaps it didn’t come across clearly, is that the dollars for days’ argument may be more easily rebutted.” What I’ve seen prior to the Supreme Court decision is that in almost every […]

More Comments on Contino

David Giles did a write up of the Contino decision. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good analysis. However, I disagree with him on a couple of points. David says that the decision has “opened the door to shared parenting by removing the reduction in child support argument.” With respect, I disagee. While there’s no […]