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Old 02-02-2011, 11:30 PM
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Question Hello New to Forum

Hello Everyone,

I've only been a member for a short while and I've been reading so many of your posts. There is a wealth of information on this forum and I thank everyone who contributes.

I am a 61 year old woman and I have told my husband I no longer wish to stay in this relationship. My problems are pretty much the reverse of most folks. I have been married for 34 years. Husband is the same age as me. I worked in health care for 25 years and have a pension. Our relationship has been over for quite a long time...separate bedrooms and all. We have 2 sons together, but it felt like I had 3 sons. My husband is an only child, extremely spoiled by his mother...bought him an Avalanche (gift) pays for the gas in the truck, and gives him money every Friday. He's had MS for about 12 years and it's very mild. He still walks, hunts, fishes, drives, walks for hours at hunting/fishing shows. He told me he was going to take me to the cleaners. He wants the house and 1/2 the contents and he will sign off my pension.

My pension is only $1,600.00 a month. When I turned 65 I will loose my bridging and my transition...leaving me just a little over $900.00. He also said he would go after my CPP. He's on a disability pension and was accepted because he had a worker at the MS Society say he was not able to walk so many yards, blocks?? He also said that he is going to take the profits from the house, hide them in another account and apply for low income housing. His pension is $1007.00 net. He has sold quite a few items from the house and when I confront him he denies it. When his mother passes he will also get her money.

I have asked him to get a little part time job just to help contribute as I'm finding it very difficult to pay 1000 a month on bills while he only pays about 300-450. The bills he pays are the ones than come in every 2 months, water bill every 6 months you get the picture

I am not leaving him because of his MS if that were the case I would of been gone 12 years. My reasons for living are.
1. I can no longer do everything in the house, while he sits around and goes downstairs so he doesn't have to see my work
2. I have repeatedly asked him to quite smoking because of his MS and the side effects to health. I've tried numerous times to get him to exersise and he refuses. I've tried to explain to him that he's not being fare because down the road I will have to look after him because of his health choices I will be the caregiver. I'm not a smoker or a drinker and I take care of my health.
3. There's a whole list but that's not my purpose. I have much resentment because of his lack of desire to be an equal partner in this marriage. I tried to explain to him that his mother is enabling him by constantly giving him thereby he has no need to work because he has a never ending pot of gold. The only response I get is leave my mother out of this...fine.
4. His education is grade 10 only. I have also tried to get himself upgraded but he says he hates school. During our marriage and while I was working I took courses and eventually got my Private Investigators License and I was in my 50's at that time. I've since let it lapse because our town is not big enough to support this type of work.

My question is: Because I make such a small amount (I'm retired) will a judge take that into account for SS? PS. Forget to say I started claiming CPP when I turn 60. Is he just throwing scare tactics at me? Should I fight back and hope the judge will see there's just no enough money I can spread.

Thank you all for listening
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