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Common Law Issues The law regarding common law relationships is different than in cases of divorce. Discuss the issues that affect unmarried couples here.

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Old 05-23-2007, 05:48 AM
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Question He Won't leave - Now what? Logical velocity, and others- your perspective?

Ok, so now that I have absorbed the entire debt from the joint line of credit that he jacked and he will not pay me the other sums of money he personally owes me, not to mention he is paying nothing to live here....I have yet again asked him to leave and he refuses! What do I do now?
I am concerned that if I simply change the locks and refuse him entry - he will get angry, and destroy property around the home (ie - pool, my car, items in the back yard etc).
He has posessions in the house that I cannot remove by myself (large furniture items and things like a snowblower). I do not want it perceived that I have intent on keeping these items, nor do i want it perceived that I am keeping him away from his child, however I am concerned of his drinking while with her - his DUI charge occured with his other daughter from his previous marriage in the car at the time. It has been suggested that I call the police beforehand to advise them of the potential situation about to arise,if I change the locks , how do I ensure that my position looks like I intend - that he has stuff he "owns", or that I agree he has ownership of, regardles if these items are still here and that i do not intend to keep him from seeing his daughter....advice is badly needed
Old 05-23-2007, 07:35 AM
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Personally I would not do anything to anger him, yet you cannot continue to live like this.
I would consult a lawyer on your options; I believe you can find a few that offer an hour of free consult. This can give you an idea of how to legally handle this.
If you want a more detailed opinion, for a small fee, (I know you are cash strapped, but $300-$600 may be worth it) you’ll have not only options but how to accomplish them. We used an opinion letter for our last appearance and it helped alot.
The lawyer received the most recent documents on the case and any current orders, read our reply to the other party which gave him an idea of what the other party claimed and what we believe to be true. Armed with this information he offered a letter with options and details on how to facilitate these options, both in how to prepare the documents and how to file them

There has to be some avenue for you to have him removed, deal with his historoical behaviour without causing impending harm to you or the children. If there was a DUI charge there is record of it and a report will include the situation and who was in the vehicle at the time. This is worth getting a copy of for court to aid in any issues related to the children.
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