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Old 12-31-2017, 10:53 AM
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Default When does child support end

My daughter is 21 years old works part time and goes to University. She will be receiving her degree this coming April. ( she has been in university for 4 years)
She then plans to either go abroad or if so complete her studies here in her trade.
My question is do i continue to pay child support? either way i plan to help her through her studies.

My son will be turning 18 and doesn't want to go to child support end for him also?

please keep in mind i wont abandon my obligation to my children.
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Old 12-31-2017, 06:24 PM
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Do you have anything written into your agreement? It seems to be a gray area from what I have read on here.

I think it is reasonable and logical to pay for a portion of childs schooling and living expenses for a first degree. I think if you are not going to school, or want a gap year or 2, you should be paying your own way in life those years. The credo I grew up with and I tell my children, is when you are an adult (18) you can life in my house rent free, IF you are going to school. If you are not going to school then you need a job to pay me rent, or rent somewhere else. It is an incentive to go to school, and the reality that you dont get to live rent free and lay about, you have to have a job if you are not going to school.

I hope to put in our separation agreement a clause that we each pay a proportional share of 2/3rds of the childs living and schooling expenses while child enrolled and going to school until end of first degree to max age 24 or 25. That way if child chooses to work for 1-2 years then we will both still contribute once goes back to school, and should account for a child who goes to school right away but then takes a year off or a term off in there somewhere. I just want to avoid a situation where child goes to school forever and doesnt finish anything, or expects me to pay for multiple degrees. It seems from what I have read on here parents pay 2/3, kid pays 1/3 for schooling and usually for 1 degree.
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