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Old 07-21-2017, 08:41 AM
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Default Child Care

Need some opinions here...

Have children 50% of time. Ex gets approx 55% of my gross income while working part-time. (With her current income, my contribution and Trudeau's baby bonus; ex earns approx a $85-90k salary a year).

I've been trying to negotiate with her on early morning and evening daycare when school starts back up.

She has said she wants daycare to be at the school for our two kids (71% me and 29% her as per agreement; little did I know she would be earning 35k more than I), and evening daycare during her week at her house by a private babysitter when she works late (2 -4 times a week at 71/29).

As ex does not work mornings and is free; I said she should take the kids to school (I drop them at her house during my week) and I pick up the kids the days she works late (no costs).

In short my solution cost both parents only time with our kids and her solution cost both sides money (tight for me).

I responded to her stating that the areement states both parents will use the other parent first before daycare when needed. I also said that since she and I are availabe during the times needed, I will only pay 50% vs 71% for morning daycare and she can cover the 100% of evening daycare, if she wished to use a provder.

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Old 08-07-2017, 07:51 AM
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Personally, I like your solution with both parents just pitching in to cover daycare and no cost.

Your ex sounds difficult though. I don't know the likelihood of that working out long-term.

If this gets to court, I believe a judge will rule based on $ paid daycare, due to possible conflict, although it is coming from your ex.

I think you should still offer to do the evening daycare. And attempt to work out the finances of the morning daycare. Offer the $ in proportion to what your agreement states (71/29%). I think a court would view that as a very fair attempt by you in settling the issue.

Do this via writing and see what your ex's response is. If this ends up in court, and your ex refuses that she may be deemed to be unreasonable. I am questioning whether a judge will make her pay for her own morning daycare then.

The other forum members are more knowledgeable than me so they may have some insight
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