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Old 04-30-2017, 01:51 PM
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Default different religions

quick background. mom had converted to my religion and child was born my religion. mom has sole custody and seems child was baptized without my knowledge or consent but child oractices both religions. child goes to church for moms religion on her weekends and participates in classes for my religion on my weekends

recently moms grandmother (who is alienating child from me together with mom and the babysitter) have now started sending child home to me with religious jewlery.

i have advised our child the jewlery is related to religion and should not be worn at the religion classes and am not content with child wearimg the other parents religious jewlery

if i sent child back with jewlery related to my religion it will likely get flushed down the toilet

what is best way to go about this ? im going for joint custody with sole or parallel parenting as alternative and the courts have ordered the ocl to get involved as per my request
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Old 04-30-2017, 02:03 PM
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When my step children come to us they usually change and anything they bring from moms goes on their dresser. At the end of our time they put everything back on from moms and go home. While I can understand your concern because it is a religious thing it is clear you both practice different religions and thus your child is now practicing two different religions. I don't really think there is much you can do if mom sends the child with religious jewelry. Just remove it at your house and tell the child you would hate for it to get broke or lost so you will put it here until it's time she goes back to her moms. And hen move on with your time.

I am curious, even with joint custody or parallel parenting how are you going to come to a decision on religion? Are you seeking shared parenting?

In my opinion the child should be able to practice both religions. I don't personally feel children should be forced into on or the other, especially when their parents practice separate religions. That is just my opinion. My husbands ex is catholic, he is not. His kids go to church with mom and not with us. The kids come with us and sometimes ask to say grace. We happily comply because we are in no place to force our beliefs or non beliefs on the children. They have joint custody and no mention of religion in their agreement.

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