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Old 01-30-2017, 12:07 PM
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Default Separation, Family and Children's Services and Custody stipulations


Recently (late Nov 2016), my girlfriend and I had a less-than preferable weekend together. Disagreements led to heated arguments.

We have a 6 month old child together and had been living together at the time. The baby had been with my mother for a scheduled visit on the Sunday night of that weekend (Nov 20, 2016).

My girlfriend and I separated ourselves, and I went to my mother's for a visit. That discussion became inappropriate and I abruptly left. My mother interpreted a possible danger to myself BY myself, and phoned the police. She also stated that I may be in possession of a firearm-which was false and something I gave NO indication to be true. You can imagine the nature of my detainment, but I was notably compliant.

Subsequently, I was detained and put in the hospital for psychiatric analysis, all firearms and non-firearms (airsoft/paintball) seized, and FACS Niagara immediately involved. I was released in less than an hour of being admitted after analysis. I didn't hurt anyone, including myself, nor did I say or imply I would harm myself or anyone else.

FACS immediately mandated that I am not to be in custody without supervision (still current). They have since requested consent for my hospital release statement (still waiting after 2 months), police report and firearms reacquisition status. The FACS rep clearly stated I would need to provide this information in order to work towards having the supervision stipulation removed. I readily provided consent for all three. They have also suggested I seek several different types of counselling, to which I am accepting to a reasonable extent. I am currently in "relationship counselling". The more I ask about what more we need to do however, the more they seem require. They've suggested I take other types as well. My schedule hasn't allowed for this yet.

I have been recently told by someone with plenty of experience in this field told that it is possible that I am being seriously mislead and that I may be inadvertently harming my case by blindly complying with certain things (consent to info). It has also been made clear to me that custody and stipulations pertaining to, are COURT ORDERED, and not made by a FACS rep. FACS has given us many conditions, stipulations and recommendations with no timeline as to when any progress will be made. I think it's also important to note we haven't been served an official letter acknowledging any visitation stipulations. We DID get a letter because there was a blanket in the crib (wasn't in use!). That was the ONLY official document we received other than an acknowledgment of a FACS rep transfer.

It has been over 60 days. My girlfriend and the baby currently reside at her parents house, and are not permitted to move back in with me, nor can I be with the child without supervision as per FACS. My girlfriend and I are seeking counselling both together and individually. We want to be a family again. I want to be able to see him without supervision. I see them every night after work, though it's incredibly difficult to care for my family in someone else's home, with limited authority.

My apologies if this is long-I wanted to identify all of what I thought were important details. If I could get some feedback on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I want to remain compliant (OF COURSE), but this is a time our family will never get back, and I don't want to be struggling with this for longer than I have to, especially if there's something more/else I can do to help expedite the process.
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