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Old 11-15-2016, 07:09 AM
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Default How does one terminate their lawyer?

I have made a decision to terminate my existing lawyer and switch to another one depending on what happens next in my long going continuing battle. Suffice it to say my lawyer failed to clearly explain certain matters to me during negotiation of my SA, however I am Sh*t out of luck because at the time, I signed off that he properly guided me. I found out later he didn't.

I am not making that same mistake twice and have already met another lawyer who came highly recommended and I was very impressed.

I have no legal bills outstanding with my current lawyer, so is this nothing more than a letter advising him that I am terminating his services?
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Old 11-16-2016, 09:43 AM
hopefull hopefull is offline
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To 'let your lawyer go', you inform them first that their services is no longer needed, and then there is a change is representation form that you will have to file with the courts.

Your losing lawyer will then inform the other party / their lawyer that they are no longer representing you.
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Old 11-16-2016, 02:25 PM
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If you're not happy with and don't trust your lawyer or feel he/she is not handing your matter well, then start looking for a new one, right away. I made the mistake of continuing to stick with the lawyer and they eventually seeked a motion to get off record - it can't get any worse than your lawyer turning their back on you.

Speak with as many lawyers as you possibly can, I have met with dozens of lawyers in the past 4 weeks and a half a dozen in the last 9 months and have finally come across a lawyer I feel very good about retaining. There are many others who I felt good about but there was concerns for me due to their experience, being out of town counsel, being too busy, etc. I originally ran into him at the court and then looked up his cases online.

Arabian had some good advice for when you meet with and retain a new lawyer. be blunt with them and set expectations clear right from the get go - tell them everything you want and everything that is on your road map. Be very organized - lawyers appreciate clients that come in with a binder where everything is organized.

Start looking for a new lawyer now. Just the fact that you have posted this is enough for you to know that you need to get a new lawyer.

As per terminating your relationship, all is you need to do is fill out, serve, and file a notice of change in representation. You could send a letter thanking them for their help but it's not needed. Just the notice of change is suffice. You will have to serve it on the other parties lawyer as well. You're best bet is to hire a new lawyer and that lawyer will deal with the notice of change for you.

And remember, choosing and hiring a lawyer is a BIG and MAJOR decision. Take as much time as you need. Go with your gut instincts.

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