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Old 09-14-2016, 11:04 AM
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Default Access Terms

Currently, via court order, I have Saturdays 11am - Sundays 5PM

mid week visit on Wednesdays from 6-7:30

no holidays.

Throughout my motion to change, OP has started offering some time when requested. OP offered to expand weekends to Friday from daycare to Sunday 6PM and mid-week visits by 1 hour but requested I be responsible for all driving, I agreed (informal agreement, no court order.) This was immediately after a court date.

OP agreed to one week in July and one week in August and some time during other holidays, i.e, couple of days on March Break and some time during Christmas holidays but no time during Christmas eve or New Years eve, she previously cancelled my mid-week visits that fell on holidays and offered no time whatsoever in the previous summer or on Father's day. Only recently but is still giving me a hard time about it.

I am working towards amending my original pleadings and seeking week about access. In my original MTC I am seeking Friday after school to Monday school, Wednesday after school to Thursday to school and equal sharing of the holidays. OP wants Friday from daycare to Sunday evening, couple of hours on Wednesday and the majority of the holidays to herself.

I know the terms in my current MTC are very reasonable and would eliminate any possible conflict at exchanges as we would not come in contact if exchanges happened straight from school.

I was just seeking out for some advice, suggestions regarding the pros and cons of each access terms, the sharing of the holidays vs the one week in july and one week in august, alternating march break vs splitting it in half, splitting Christmas Holildays in half vs getting a couple of days for each of the 2 weeks and the child staying with OP on Christmas Eve and New years eve

Also, can I still raise the issue of OP being difficult with time and offering no holiday time whatsoever until the matter was brought before the courts? OP claims it is not in the best interests of the child to have more time with me but has contradicted that statement by giving me more time, expanding my weekends, allowing her to stay with me for 7 consecutive days twice during the summer.

I found the child to be very happy when he had her 7 days with me in summer each month, but felt it went by fast and was short and wished it was longer. The child has showed improvement behaviorally when her time with me was expanded and also because I have taken countless parenting classes and taken the child to socialize with extended family members, cousins, and meet and socialize with other kids her age and kid groups. OP claims the child has been having anxieties since her time was expanded with me. OP has also claimed that child has been showing improvement due to spending time with daycare. The daycare provider is openly hostile to me at the exchanges however, she currently ignores me, just opens the door enough to let the child out and shuts the door on my face. She often throws nasty comments out towards me and is not child focused whatsoever at exchanges. At one point OP counsel stated that the daycare didn't want to see me and wanted to arrange for 3rd party exchange, this request was ignored by me as per legal advice as daycare cannot interfere with the child's court ordered access times with the other parent. The daycare provider then kept the child past the pickup time and wouldn't release her until she finished ranting off at me, all of which went in my one ear and straight out the other.

Also the pickup times where originally given to me for 4:00 PM but later reduced to 5:30 PM with a claim that the child was crying and not wanting to come with me and wants to spend more time at daycare after school to play with friends. This request was made approximately 1 week before school ended and when I questioned why this is a concern since school is ending the following week, the response I got was that the child needs to be in daycare minimum 6 hours a day in the summer. The child then told me he was to ignore me until the new visit start times so I decided to pick her up at 5:30 PM in order to avoid exposing the child to the conflict. This pickup time wasn't changed back, but I requested that I have the child instead of daycare for this school year, my request was denied and false allegations were directed at me. I have basically forfeited making requested to OP for time as it is never yes and always dictated on her terms or not given at all alongside rants and false allegations against me.

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Old 09-14-2016, 12:43 PM
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Old 09-14-2016, 01:00 PM
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Wow....that access time sucks, especially if you consider the logistics of getting kid to and from

However, it does give the ex enough time to go out on a Saturday night, bring a guy over till brunch next day, before seeing him again on Wednesday.

Mommy needs to have fun also
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