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Old 09-02-2016, 08:21 PM
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Default Suspending Section 7 daycare amount

what would be the best approach to the following:

Mom receives proportionate Daycare contribution each month from ex. The payment is Processed through FRO as ex did not intend to pay anything so the judge ordered it through FRO which was fine with Mom. It's based on a monthly daycare cost less tax benefit and then a,proportionate split. It's all written out in a court order.

Mom has married and is expecting another child so will soon be on mat leave for the next 12 months. Child will not require before and after school daycare as Mom will be home.

However, Mom will return to work after Mat leave and child will return to before and after school daycare.

Can Mom inform FRO to suspend collection of the daycare amount or does she have to do a consent order. If she does. Consent order, which of course ex will be happy and eager to sign can she specify that the payments will resume on X date?

At this time the payor is $5 k in arrears so could the monthly amount just be applied to the arrears - although I do t think FRO could cope with that.
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