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Old 07-25-2016, 05:40 PM
abuseddad abuseddad is offline
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Default Lawyer to reduce their bill

So up to my eye balls in legal bills. Porceeding to a settlement conference, but EX served another motion.
Can't take time off work to send represent.
Have anyone tried to bargain with the lawyer to reduce their rate?
At what point I can fire lawyer and get a cheaper one?
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Old 07-25-2016, 06:42 PM
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LovingFather32 LovingFather32 is offline
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Ask your lawyer if they would consider becoming a "friend of the court". You do all the paper work, etc with a little advice from them .. and they show up to assist you in a reduced rate.
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Old 09-10-2016, 04:29 PM
Kinso Kinso is offline
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LovingFather's suggestion is a good one.
It's usually referred to as 'unbundled legal services'. A 'friend of the court' is a different concept usually reserved for third parties who have no interest in the case, but in the law underlying the case. But I digress...

Having a lawyer step in 'just for court' works well when they have faith in your ability to do the documents yourself, but there is a wide range of skill in drafting. I wouldn't appear for just anyone as the arguments and supporting material could be terrible.

As for lower fees that's unlikely. But done right they should take less time.
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Old 09-10-2016, 08:59 PM
SteelCityDad SteelCityDad is offline
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I have told my lawyer about my financial situation when I hired him, he agreed to let me pay him what legal aid would pay him. Current legal aid rate was around $170/hour(In Ontario) when I could afford that route, but I had to seek other options once I exhausted my funds.

I highly doubt that any lawyer that does not accept legal aid would do this, but maybe try and make some calls to ones that do.
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Old 10-04-2016, 02:38 PM
Kinso Kinso is offline
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I'd take $170/hr for a client with demonstrated financial need. My normal rate is $275/hr.

Private retainer > LAO. The bureaucratic nightmare of Legal Aid hardens the hearts of even the most optimistic counsel.
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