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Old 04-10-2014, 10:48 AM
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Default non compliant ex and uncooperative lawyer

Looking for advice on a matter that continues.

- Final Order states complete tax return not limited to t slips to be exchanged by May 1st.

- Guidelines also mention 'personal income tax return including any materials that were filed with the return' for continuing obligations where an order has been made. Ex is aware of this.

- Ex refuses to supply the required info and the minimal info (t4, t1 unsigned or undeclared) has been forwarded to me well after the May 1st dates.

- Numerous requests have been made for a complete tax return including attachments, and she has examples of these from my complete returns.

- Ex states that the refusal to sign the return is because she does not trust me with signed documents, however these are the only docs that she refuses to sign. With a history of false returns it is concerning that she refuses to declare full disclosure of income.

- Went to court for contempt and my lawyer had dropped the ball with not enough evidence. Almost there as the judge had stated. He also told the opposing party that they would have a hard time getting costs from him.

- Ex's lawyer stated "what are the form on428 and schedule 1? What is the purpose of these, since copies of these were not presented to the courts?"

- The 3 years of ex's returns provided to the court were poor copies of the originals with the heading on page 3 of the t1 omitted. It states ' attach your schedule 1 and form on 428 here. Also any other schedules, info, slips, forms etc that you need to include with your return'.

- Ex is aware that we need to agree on tax credits for our child based on shared custody, however she has ignored the advice of her accountant creating audits in the past. This year she states that her lawyer told her to claim our child for tax purposes.

The problem is that this is an on going issue, that is continued to be dragged out. Her refusal to provide full disclosure creates a situation for double claims for taxes. Her lawyer has been troublesome in the past with failing to communicate with my councils numerous request over six months and for the failing to provide a complete nfs, all violations of the code of conduct and rules. I have also had to obtain an order in the past for disclosure of basic info for settlement which was being withheld through council.

Can you use past claims, evidence or affidavits to the court for another motion of contempt?

Would a complaint to the lsuc regarding ex's lawyer hopefully provide the proper full dislcosure?
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