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Domestic Violence Dealing with abuse and violence. Getting support and help.

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Old 02-25-2013, 12:01 PM
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Default Please help

I am looking for help for my sister. She was in an abusive relationship and is still struggling to deal with an ex who was and is very very controling. She has done everything she could, even though she was afraid of him she tried to promote equal parenting and tried to stay out of court. She needs help with court though and it is dealing with things that I have never had to deal with. If any posters who have dealt with this can PM me I can get you in contact I would appreciate it. She needs help and does not have regular access to internet or I would have directed her here.
It was so bad, she went to court for a motion date and even after the court security officer took her aside and said he has written notes because he could see her fear, and said if she ever needs anything while there, even if its an escort to her car etc just let them know and they will help her.
Thank you to anyone who can help. Its just a bit out of my realm of knowledge and despite giving her alot of moral support I think she needs more. She is finding it hard right now because she is being classed with all the false accusation people and is realizing that alot of people have made it almost impossible for a legitimate abuse claim.
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