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Default Relatively new- Hi


I am relatively new here. I have been reading the forums for at least a month now. I wish i would have found this 6 months ago. I have posted and replied a couple of times. I noticed this forum just now, way at the bottom of all the categories lol.

I was forcibly separated from my stbx when she was arrested for assault and mischief. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of emotion and a high conflict separation. I am self representing now since I ran out of money. I spent 30k on a lawyer and I made it to a case conference, no further. Almost an interim separation agreement, but wife didn't sign. We have 3 kids 12/10/6, and we are splitting time 50/50. Though everytime she gets angry, she threatens to go for full custody. /sigh.

I am a I have been mom and dad to my kids. I was the housekeeper, cook, maintenance, taxi driver, tutor...everything. My wife helped a bit, but mostly she was absent, gambling our money away. Yet our marriage counselor, who we used to mediate a parental agreement, gave my wife the most time with the kids. Then my lawyer allowed my wife's lawyer to draw up a temporary parenting calendar. You can imagine what it looked like. I am so disillusioned at the lopsidedness of family law.

My story is too long to tell as I'm sure you all have experienced the same. I would like to say that since I have found this forum, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I have taken a deep breath of hope and I feel more confident about my case.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all those who post your thoughts, advice, experience and expertise. Also props to the devils advocates who make us really think about Family Law and what needs to be changed. You have all boosted my spirits and I hope I can eventually pass on some good advise in the future. One piece of advice I do have now from these forums. I think I am going to pass that advice along to my ex-lawyer $300/hr and I got more sound advise here.
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Mr. Mom - many feel the same as you. I found this forum pretty late in the game. Better late than never. I too, am thankful for the many people on here who contribute so much by way of their experiences, and advice.

Welcome, and good luck. In time you will see that much of it is a matter of perspective. Gaining knowledge and insight is so very helpful but takes time. I'm glad to be on the road.. I walked into my litigation as though I had a blindfold on. That was a few years ago. There's still much to learn, but this forum has helped me tremendously.
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Hello mr. mom. I'm new here too, and I agree with you, that this forum provides so much valuable information for people like you and me. I have had the opportunity to consult briefly with duty counsel regarding my case and even they had to do some research to provide some answers. However, this forum provided me with the knowledge to at least be able to ask those pertinent questions! Family Law must be quite complicated! lol

Although there are those who may think one should lodge their heart into cold storage while undertaking legal proceedings, I firmly believe that no one should ever lose sight of what is best for the children and sometimes that means putting aside our own hurts and disappointments to reach that goal.

You sound like a great dad and, for the sake of your young children, I hope you can work things out with the ex and remain a very positive influence in your children's lives.

Good luck!
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