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Old 08-03-2012, 11:44 PM
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Default Sec7 daycare and no notification


The arrangement is that daycare is a section 7 expense. This summer, on my weeks, I am taking either vacation or having relatives care for the kids, thus no daycamp expenses.

I pay 65% of the section 7 expenses and I foot the daycare bills, deducting his portion from the CS I owe him (all documented with receipts to cover my butt).

The issue - daycamp this summer. He has had the kids for 3 weeks already since near the end of school. He informed me that they were enrolled in daycamp for 2 weeks in July on July 2nd when they were signed up by him at the beginning of June. I paid the bill, deducted his portion from the Aug CS and asked kindly if he could notify me when he signs them up - which would give me warning that a large bill will be coming due (3 kids x $32 per day x 10 days is a large bill).

The kids have informed me that they will be in daycamp for his 2 weeks in August. I sent him a quick note asking if he had signed them up for daycamp and could he send me the details. He was non-responsive. I gave him a quick call, asking him if he signed the kids up for camp because I needed to know budget wise that bills will be coming in ahead of time. His reply - I will find out when I get billed.

I there anything that I can do about this... All I am asking for is information ahead of time so that I know when the bills are coming in. I am not refusing to pay. Is there a reasonable notice that he should be giving me? Or is his thought of when I get the bill I will find out appropriate? Any and every expense for the kids that are shared (ie sports) which I incurr, I have asked for his permission in advance, and let him know in advance when payments are due and for how much.

Yes, he is being an ass. Anything I can do about it?
Old 08-04-2012, 02:35 AM
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How much notice do you want?

If you agree with the expense, but notice is the issue, just delay in paying him.
Old 08-04-2012, 10:43 AM
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If he's working, then he needs daycare. For the summer, he probably has vacation time, and needs the camp for the rest of the time.

Vacation and camps need to be booked ahead of time; we book them in March to make sure we get the spots we want.

I would agree that he knew ahead of time and could have spoken to you about it, but surely you also knew ahead of time that there would be camps. This expense didn't just magically come out of nowhere.

Yes, the two of you have a communcation problem. You are asking us about this specific instance as though having a way to make him inform you about a daycamp in August will solve your problem. The daycamp isn't the problem, and the problem will still be there in September, October, etc.

If he is being uncommunicative he has a reason. Address the reason. The communcation lapse on this issue alone must surely go back months, since that is when plans start being made. There is a lack of co-operation and co-ordination. What is the reason for that?
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