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Old 02-02-2012, 11:12 AM
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Default Financial Statement -joke?

I've got a case conference next tuesday. I have filed my financial statement twice (it was over a month old). I provided a bank statement, pay stub etc.. full financial disclosure.

On the other hand, my ex did not provide a pay stub (i have a copy from april of hers). Claims that her income is $21k less than she actually makes (she was on mat leave for part of 2010). She denies receiving child support (i have receipts). She claims that her mortgage is the same as the value of her house (so $0 down payment), yet there is $50k missing from her previous financial statement from November until yesterday (she bought her house in dec).

So, my question is. How serious is the financial statement? She's falsified it twice (i have proof) and has failed to provide a pay stub. Can i argue that the falsified information is proof of her credibility and her additional false claims should be taken for what they are? Or is a document like this normal? I should note that my ex is a financial analyst for a billion dollar company...

(6) A party who serves and files a financial statement shall,
(a) make full and frank disclosure of the party’s financial situation;
(b) attach any documents to prove the party’s income that the financial statement requires;
(c) follow the instructions set out in the form; and
(d) fully complete all portions of the statement. O. Reg. 114/99, r. 13 (6).

(17) If a party does not obey an order to serve and file a financial statement or net family property statement or to give information as this rule requires, the court may,
(a) dismiss the party’s case;
(b) strike out any document filed by the party;
(c) make a contempt order against the party;
(d) order that any information that should have appeared on the statement may not be used by the party at the motion or trial;
(e) make any other appropriate order. O. Reg. 114/99, r. 13 (17).
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