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Old 12-21-2011, 09:52 PM
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Default The police visit - some 10 days ago

So I promised to give the update following the nice visit by out local detectives to which I later discovered they are rated the highest in diffusing domestic issues (interesting that they keep that type of stat).

So the improvrmrnt in relations, the cooling down of the continual pressure and everything else lasted, well, almost 7 days! The daily grind? (I give up on what to call it except it doesn't do anything for me and the brain has well had enough.)

BUt during the good week didn't really impact squat, as I suspected, and it feels like it is x10 after getting a little reprieve. I had just got my head sort of straight again with the "what must get done stuff" and it a fair assessment that the last few months - this is so hard (not much different than most I guess).

I work on a 24 hour schedule, I sleep when I can, when I am in the bad spots and and try my darndest to get something done when things are going better, and she is now threatening to turn off the power at 12 and (Generally my best times happen between 8 or 9 pm to maybe 12:00 then if i get my best hours they happen in the morning hours (told because the pills are at the highest where the day hours are hard after i do sleep and get up - those hours are my don't do much of anything hours. And again because my tv time is later (I do not have it on during the day so much. She threatened me tonight so I just responded that's ok for now and I went to turn it off - then someone complained I want to watch now!!!! SO there really is no winning anything........
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