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Old 08-25-2011, 03:26 PM
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Default What would you consider a legitimate excuss for being late?

My ex had visitation with our children last night. There was a party with a group we attend in another city and he agreed to let the kids go with me as long as I had them to his place by 8 (normal drop off is 6) At 7:30 there were Tornado Watches on the radio saying to stay in the basement, lucky us we were in the basement of the church. The organizers felt it best to keep everyone there until the storm had calmed. I immediatly called my ex and told him we would be late. His responce was that the storm wasn't bad an I needed to get the kids to his house on time. I told him when it was safe I would bring the kids over. We waited half an hour and when the storm had settled we drove home, driving in the storm scared the kids (and myself half to death) On top of all that we were half an hour late and he was furious!!
This is the first time I have been more than 10 minutes late in over 4 years! What do other people consider a legitimate excuss for being late. (BTW I'm more than willing to let him have them longer because I interferred with his time)
Old 08-25-2011, 04:06 PM
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Personally I think he is being unreasonable, and given the circumstances from last nights storm he should be thankful that you didn't venture out in it, possibly endangering the children (and yourself).
You called him right away which is right.
Just ignore his rants. You did the right thing.
Old 08-25-2011, 04:47 PM
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I agree with May_May. Also, you have the moral and legal responsibility to ensure the children are safe whilst in your care. The children were in your care at the time of the warning.

Your ex is being reckless with his rant. Coming off the heels of the Goderich tornado it was the responsible thing to was to remain safe in the church basement.
Old 08-25-2011, 05:20 PM
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It can be an inconvenience, but it's probably more of something where he's taking it personally.

A half hour late is nothing to be concerned about - especially with an advance phone call.

I've overheard lawyers tell clients that making a big deal about lates (especially 30 mins or less) can be detrimental to their case. I'm not sure how exactly, aside from the obvious look of being a control freak and somewhat unreasonable in flipping out about it.

So basically, don't sweat it.
He's being a jerk.
Water off a ducks back.
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