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Old 08-20-2011, 05:32 PM
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Default she cleaned out the account now i need options

So Mess gave some heads up on this and he was bang right on target! (Good for the expertize non legal advice from a non lawyer! - how is that for a non disclaimer!!) Ok on to serious.....

I really did give my wife a chance, two ,three..... 27 and we have now entered a new phase. In short, she took $1900 twice and then another $1500 and it went to her credit card - the other two amounts are tuition for my two kids except for the fact that they have their own school tuition accounts. For some reason this is the first time the tuition had to be paid from the common pay our bills checking account. I asked her countless times to return the funds, produce invoices to prove the flow of cash and earlier today i had a message ready to send here for advice but it never was sent.

I had our account open and thankfully I listened to Mess and I opened a new account this week, but it was all set up to transfer the remaining funds to my personal account just needed to hit enter. I asked her three seperate times to return the money to the account, (she again spit out the fact that she scribbled on a piece of scrap paper what went where - without amounts or dates or account numbers) told her last week that was a waste of paper - give me invoices, invoices with PAID stamped on it, account balances - in other words PROOF to hold up in a court. My STBX did not give me anything, she told me that was it and she was not going to give me receipts or bills as there weren't any. I stared her in the eye and with the last refusal I hit enter and the last $740 was transfered to my personal account leaving the joint account at zero.

I should add that as per Mess I did a double check on the deposit dates for my wife's automatic deposit and it passed three days ago. She had already put a stop to putting her paycheck into the joint pay our bills checking account that we used for our entire marriage without saying anything so that made it easier to take the last of the funds. At this time I have every reciept for what was spent, her I doubt it....... so I shall ask questions on my next message!
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