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Default Separation Agreement - DM Termination Child Support

Termination of Child Support

1.1 Child support ends for Child when:

(a) Child ceases to be a "child" as defined in the Divorce Act;
(b) Child no longer resides with the custodial parent, ("resides" includes living away from home for school, summer employment or vacation);
(c) Child turns 18, unless he or she is unable to become self-supporting due to illness, disability, education or other cause;
(d) Child becomes self-supporting;
(e) Child obtains one post-secondary degree or diploma;
(f) Child turns [age] years of age;
(g) Child marries;
(h) Child dies; or
(i) a party dies, provided that the security in the section of this Agreement entitled "Life Insurance" is in place at the time of death.

1.2 When an event ending child support occurs, A will immediately notify B and the FRO in writing. If A does not notify B and the FRO, and B must end or vary her support obligation by court action, A will reimburse B for any overpayment of support, for all her legal costs and out-of-pocket expenses and damages.

1.3 After the obligation to pay child support ends, on 30 days’ notice to the other party, in writing, either party may remove the child's name from the extended health insurance coverage.
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