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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Don't be surprised. That's the majority of women in family courts for you.]

50/50 should be the minimum you accept. 2-2-3 works well for young children. When they get to school you could do 5-5-2-2 or week about. With that schedule, be sure to ask for offset child support and impute income to her - it's about time she get her butt in gear and secure a job.
She will debate that she has been home with our first child for the first four years (starting JK in Sept) and should be the same way for our second who would start in two years.

I am thinking I can counter by saying I am self employed who doesn't even need to be in the office on a daily basis and can work from home. Family business so they are fully supportive in allowing me to do whatever needs to be done in raising our kids equally.

Again she will argue why I didn't do this in the past. But the present is different as the future will be too. Make sense?

Would it be reasonable to propose 2-2-3 right off the bat or does it need to be a graduated transition. Say for the next ___ time period, 1 overnight. The next ___ time period 2 overnights until settling into 2-2-3.

I like your transition to 5-5-2-2/week about after our youngest is in school. Will keep the offset CS and income considerations in mind, thank you for that.

This would be a battle I am assuming.
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