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Political Issues This forum is for discussing the political aspects of divorce: reform to divorce laws, men's rights, women's rights, injustices in the divorce system, etc.

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The fact that the family court system is so ridiculously slow guarantees that many children of the (almost all) children who would benefit from ESP don't get it because a parent opposed to ESP (perhaps so they can get more CS), can stonewall, costing the sensible parent lots of heartache and money. Sensible parent is forced to give up, maybe because like most people they don't have 100K to throw at a lawyer. Child loses a parent.

It might be politically smart for someone who is opposed to ESP to say they support it, so they look like they are in favour of kids' interests over parents' interests, because they know that unless the conference system and other problems with how family
court operates is fixed, ESP isn't likely to happen for most kids anyway.

It seems like some people are comfortable saying "I support ESP in principle," and assert that it's presently achievable through the court system with judges looking at every case, because they know that most cases in which a parent is strongly and irrationally opposed to ESP won't get to trial and therefore the child will lose contact with one of their parents.

We need more competent family court judges appointed. That would be a quick improvement, IMO. They should be trained in what isin kids' interests, instead of having to be repeatedly told same by expensive expert witnesses.
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