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Political Issues This forum is for discussing the political aspects of divorce: reform to divorce laws, men's rights, women's rights, injustices in the divorce system, etc.

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Old 07-27-2011, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by epinecone View Post
The Divorce Act Breaches several conditions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But does anyone care?

However, the general perceptions of our society are still rooted in the attitudes that led to the current act. Too many Canadian adults are using the Divorce Act as a source of financial enrichment in place of their own efforts to support themselves and their children.

As a victim of the Divorce Act, I no longer have any love for this country or our governmental systems. The Divorce Act has allowed my former spouse to ruin the children and I financially and emotionally, and it has allowed three family law lawyers to profit from the destruction of our family.

Shame on Pierre Turdeau for bringing in the reforms of 1968, and shame on every MP since who has done nothing to change it.

When I was a child, I loved this country. As a man who has been destroyed by divorce, I have this country, our laws, and our government.

The following Changes need to be made to the Divorce Act Immediately:

1. The Presumption of Equal Shared Parenting immediately at seperation. (If one party leaves the other, Equal Shared Parenting automatically begins)

2. The elimination of the Child Support Guidelines. A system needs to be put in place wherein only the direct costs of the children are considered. Additionally, the income and income potential of both spouses needs to be considered.

3. Spousal support needs to be eliminated. Every Canadian adult needs to understand their responsibility to be self supporting.

4. The end of Property theft through marriage and divorce(No Fault /50-50). You get what you bring in, you get back what you contribute, you don't get rich unless you earn it.

5. Make it the governments responsiblity to post a picture and personal story of every individual who committs suicide during divorce in a National news paper. Maybe it would be good for some people on this site to read about the real victims of the Divorce Act.

Put these changes in place tommorrow, and the divorce rate would be cut in half. Dont change the divorce act tommorrow and our society will continue the decline.

No matter what happens, the children will suffer when their parents split apart. However, we can shorten their suffering by giving them two parents to love, and allowing those parents to continue to live after divorce.
I stand and applaud you for your strength at still standing.

Every day I get more disgusted at the inequality and that ability of the vindictive and cruel to use their children as monopoly pieces.

I have lost my love of Canada but I will never lose the power to stand up for what is right.

I wish more people would take their defeat and innovate the politicians with pleas for change.

Why are people bending over and simply taking it?

NO ONE - and I mean NO ONE one this forums should EVER say "it's just the way it is - nothing I can do about it."

Doing nothing is equivalent to saying I is ok!

It is not ok and it will never be ok until enough people insist upon change.
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Old 07-27-2011, 06:33 PM
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halleluya... finally there is someone else out there who agrees. Something I hate to say but i'm sure we have heard before...
canadians like to whine but do nothing about it
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