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Old 04-13-2011, 06:55 PM
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dinkyface will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by holdthemaccountable View Post
If you raise the kids between 40 to 60% of the time amount of child support you pay is based on your salary minus her salary 150 -20 equals 130K
Monthly amount is $2283 per month
Close, but not quite right. It is the differrence between the table amount for 150 and the table amount for 20. i.e. 2581 - 417 = 2164 (in Ontario, for 3 kids).
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Old 04-13-2011, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by lakomka03 View Post
"So tell her you'll set her up with an apartment right now if she wants to live under a different roof that badly and she can come back and stay with the kids when you have those overnights for work."
Are you serious???? What kind of situation would that be? Staying overnight with the children on those nights when dad is outworking???
This souhds like a ridiculous proposal. We separate to be independant and stay separated, not to stay in each oather's house on specific days! We separate and wantt o move on withour lives...not share them a few nights a week!
She would stay in the house when he is NOT THERE, as he's away overnight for work. They would see one another a few minutes or so when she arrives and he leaves, then vice versa when he returns. No different than asking Grandma to come stay with the kids while he is out of town. It's not an acrimonious break-up, he said, and it's easier on the kids than living in two different homes and moving between them all the time. As long as you share children, you are never truly separate from your ex.
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Old 04-13-2011, 09:47 PM
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lakomka03 has it correctly. Separation is separation. The last thing either party wants is the tail wagging the dog... or whatever that metaphor is...
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Old 04-14-2011, 10:23 AM
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Each case is different but even though my ex helped me move and we were quite civile for a while with each other, he does not allow me to even set a foot on his steps! I could have asked him to leave the house so that our son is not being too upset about a move, a new neighbourhood, like many women decide to do, but I chose to make a real true cut. I wanted a new beginning. I moved out. I also fully understand that he does not want me around "his" house just like I dont want him in my new house either. A house is our personal private sphere. He does not need to know who leaves his tooth brush behind at my house. He does not need to know how good I am doing on my own. And....I cannot imagine that our new respective partners would appreciate the fact that ex's are coming overnight for a sleepover! This is just not "healthy". Not for us, not for the kids. Kids needs clarity. But I will not judge. We try to do what works best for us. I am curious though to see how this case turns out... whishing them best of luck in their pseudo-co-habitation!
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Old 04-20-2011, 02:43 PM
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Default Advice Appreciated

I was wondering if someone has had a similar situation as mine. Any advice would help me out alot.
I will make a long story short.....My husband who has been in contact with his daughter for the past two years...always has paid child support...never was delinquent. So after being estranged for 20 years....they made contact...everything was going fine....until the mom decided she wanted more money from him....never in all these years did he take him to court....until now.

SO ...she wants double the money for post secondary....keep in mind my husbands income has come down tremendously since all those years never went up at all.

He also paid child support for 26 months after she graduated high school....she never started college until she was 20...for over 2 years she did work...just partied. Nobody communicated to him that she was out of when he called FRO he tried to get it stopped....but they would only stop it if the mother agreed....she told FRO that he was still obligated to pay because she was still in school....which was a lie.....she graduated high school june 2007 and returned to college sept 2009 and he paid that whole time.

What happens to that money that he paid ....should the courts not stop support when she is 22 (which is in July) that would give her 4 years out of high school....not laz around for 2 years and expect him to pay. He even offered to buy her a car and lease it for 3 years....but stop support...mother wouldn't go for it....he offered that 3 different times...the mother couldn't get the money she she served him.

Also, if he wanted to help his daughter....oh by the way is not living at home....can he not send support money directly to daughter and not mother.
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