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Danno 10-10-2005 08:07 PM

Hi from Toronto...This forum is a GREAT idea!
Hi All,

Just a quick note to 'Jeff' to say thanks for creating this forum. Great Idea!

I'm a 38 year old guy raising my two kids (my daughter, now 14 and my son now 11) for the last 11 years.

I'm not a lawyer (that title was bestowed on my older brother by Osgoode some fifteen years ago :) ) but I was forced to become somewhat of an expert on the divorce process as a result of my situation.

My ex-wife has been paying me child support since our separation too.

Ok, now I"m going to brag (just a bit...ok?) My daughter just graduated at the TOP of her class from Forest Hill Junior High and is maintaining her grade in Forest Hill Collegiate this year:) My son, is a solid student and has been since I can remember.

Now - consider this... I'm an airline pilot...yes, I'm away a good bit of time and have been since my kids were very very young... Yes, I did have to have a 'nanny' for a few years and a lot of help from family. My 'ex' only saw the kids at most twice a month (her choice) and, unfortunately, continues to be an uninterested parent.

My kids are healthy, happy, very well adjusted, polite (well, except when I limit the amount of TV they watch etc.:rolleyes: ) and I fully expect that they too will lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

I read a lot about how children of divorced families are prone to poor grades, psychiatric problems, drug abuse (when they get older) etc... I humbly submit that if the parenting is there - children can turn out well.

Anyhow, Jeff...thanks - Good luck and G-d bless.


Jeff 10-10-2005 08:16 PM

Hi Dan,

Welcome! I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing so well (yes, you're allowed to brag :-)

I think that children are more affected by the amount of conflict they see, rather than the divorce itself. It can be hard to keep conflict down, however, especially when there are custody issues.

It's good to hear some happy stories too. I hope you can help people here in that direction.

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