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trinton 10-18-2016 02:06 PM

Hello :)
I guess I should have done this first.

I am here to learn and expand on my knowledge and get any questions that I have answered. I have spoken to some of you already via PM and you have all been of great help.

I won't get in the details but basically I consented to sole custody to mom and little access to me and no holiday access. I did not have a lawyer and had not a clue about family law or the family court system.

The child has not been thriving under that arrangement and multiple professionals involved with the child have raised concerns.

Information has been kept from me about my child

Basically I commenced a motion to change for joint custody and equal time sharing

I am always respectful in my communications and have several good examples of good communications.

The biggest challenge at the moment is the material change threshold but I am also aware a final custody order can be overturned if it is not in the childs best interest or if its unreasonable.

Another challenge is the argument or question of why would I consent to sole then want joint.

My intent is not to get flamed for consenting to something far less than what I could have obtained if I was educated at the time but rather how one would deal with this. The motion to change has been going on for close to 2 years now and basically there has been over 8 months of adjournment time, counsel being unavailable, etc.

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