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ottdiv 03-08-2017 08:55 PM

Constructive trust or equitable lien
Would anybody happen to know the exact steps, forms. procedure and supporting documents needed to apply for a constructive trust or an equitable lien ?
Reason is, spouse has run away with huge loan obtained on the matrimonial property without my consent or a court order and purchased another property. Since this qualifies as a classic case of "unjust enrichment", I would like to file for a constructive trust or a equitable lien.

any help, ideas greatly appreciated.


HammerDad 03-09-2017 10:19 AM

Likely going to need a lawyer to file a motion and get an order. I don't believe there is a simple form to be filed. This would be something a judge would have to order.

ottdiv 03-09-2017 05:27 PM

Thanks - Yes, I am aware of that - I researched that and found out that one needs to file an application/motion and show appropriate documentation/evidence to prove "unjust enrichment" - wondering if anybody has been through this before and filed and obtained a constructive trust.


Tayken 03-10-2017 01:59 PM

unjust enrichment - No walk in the park.

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