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Originally Posted by Newfie76 View Post
Really? But why is it bad? I understand where you are coming from....don't make the ex spouse look bad in the eyes of the children...(I dont talk about my ex with the kids)....So does society feel that its ok to pay the money, while keeping it in the closet, under the rug, behind closed doors? What are we doing SOOOOO BAD that we should keep it from our own children?....then why do we do it? I can only imagine keeping nasty things from my kids....ex. the abuse their mother gave me when we were married.

When I was 7 years old...I remember my father sitting me down to start showing me where money comes from and where it goes....years later that lead into how to run a business. Today I start the same conversation with my kids...and they find it odd as they recognize that the old statement of "hard Work" brings you "honest pay", does not compute. "Why does mommy not work? Where does she get her money? When teaching kids about the fruits of hard payments don't equate.

Our system is broken....this is NOT equality. If it were ex would be required to work...

A system that allows a women to mentally, physically and emotionally abuse her spouse for years...a system that would not support me when I reported the abuse...a system that voids a marriage "contract" with no fault divorce but locks in the financial aspect for life regardless of the reason for a broken system. I am forced to pay my abusive ex until I die...while she lives the good life.

I want to personally thank every red blooded Canadian who supports this system! Thank You.
I don't disagree that adults should be responsible for themselves and that spousal support needs to be only granted in extreme cases where an ex-spouse is unable to care for themselves.

However, I disagree that it should be brought up to the children. The only real reason a parent would do this is to disparage the other parent to the kids out of revenge for the way they're feeling. Its simply selfish and motivated by hatred of the other spouse. The kids don't care and frankly its none of their business and not their place to know.

You have every right to try to get child support reduced or eliminated but leave the kids out of it. You made the choice to marry someone who isn't self-sufficient, not the kids. Don't put your sh*t on the kids...its just a completely self-serving thing to do.

Happy Holidays and hope you find some peace in the New Year.
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