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Old 08-03-2012, 12:42 AM
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Please disregard the (slightly incoherent) post above. I didn't mean to post that one.

Originally Posted by mcdreamy View Post
SingingDad, I don't think that the tables can take into account all scenarios of a new household with a child from a prior marriage, and presuming that new relationships co-mingle finances.

I entered into a new relationship when my dd was 4, and we bought a house together, but our finances were never co-mingled.

We each agreed to bring to the table our proportionate share of the cost of the purchase of the household, and I signed a cohab confirming his initial deposit was higher than mine, and would be returned first upon dissolution of our relationship. My new partner makes significantly more than I. Many months, even with cs from my ex, I was strapped for anything over my share of the mortgage/utilities/household costs. I pay for 1/2 of the costs of our home, and for all of the costs of my daughter (subject, of course, to cs). My new partner does not pay any costs for the dd.

Yes, she receives some indirect benefits, like eating salmon for dinner instead of kraft dinner.

Many new partners in this day and age, I suspect, (and particularly those of us who have come out of a divorce), are more aware of the financial implications and won't co-mingle funds.
(Before reading on please note that I'm not trying to dump on you or say that you shouldn't receive the CS that you do; I'm just using your situation to illustrate another approach to a common problem)

I'm not suggesting that co-mingled funds are the issue. It's the reduction in an individuals own expenses from a new cohabitation relationship that should be accounted for. Are your expenses now less than if you were living on your own?

Assuming the proportions I quoted are right (I'm not saying they are)...

2 adults one child have the equivalent expenses of 1.7 adults. How you apportion each persons expenses in the house is up to debate. Let's keep things simple and assume you, your new spouse and your daughter each have an equal share in the expenses. That would mean your expenses are equivalent to 1.13 adults and your new spouse has the expenses of 0.57 adults (1.7 = 1.13 + 0.57).

If you were living on you own with your child you would have the equivalent expenses of 1.4 adults (this is the ratio that is used in the CS calculation for one child) and that because of your new living arrangements your expenses have decreased by a 0.27 equivalent adults.

Is that exact? Is it perfect? No to both, but it shows a way that cohabitation with a new spouse could be accounted for without implying that the new spouse has a responsibility to support the children of another marriage.

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Old 08-03-2012, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Interesting thread... however I don't feel every aspect is being thought of.

In my situation with my boyfriend, his ex wife makes more than him and I put together. He pays full child support... she has a higher standard of living alone, than we do together... but the way some are thinking my income should still count...

His CS with my income included would go from $397 to $740... how would that be fair to our household? She would have an extra $4100 a year, increasing her income to $76000, while decreasing ours to $45900.

Or is the thought process that new partners incomes only count when the new partner makes more than the parents?
That is an interesting situation to think of. There would have to be a cap of some sort on the effect of the consideration. Maybe you set the full table amount as the maximum that can be paid out? There are a lot of different situations.
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Old 08-03-2012, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Billiechic, I have one question.

What, in your opinion, is the purpose of child support in a 50/50 situation? To put it another way, how is the paying of child support in a shared custody situation supposed to help the child?

I am not asking you about "fair" or "unfair". I am simply using the "best interests of the child" paradigm, and I will construct my response using that angle. If that is too abstract, give me a situation where the child support is appropriate, and why it is appropriate, and how it is in the best interests of the child, and we'll go from there.
From the Divorce act 26.1 (2)

"The guidelines shall be based on the principle that spouses have a joint financial obligation to maintain the children of the marriage in accordance with their relative abilities to contribute to the performance of that obligation."

My interpretation is that it means how much the support payer would spend to "maintain" the child(ren) if they were in their care.
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