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Old 01-30-2017, 07:11 PM
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Default Assets/Debts

Hi, new user here. Happy to have found such a helpful forum.

I'll cut right to some questions I have, but first some background.

Married for just over two years
Separated for just about one year (ready to start the ball rolling)
My spouse was extremely unfaithful, and moved out.
No children.
No house.

I've held down employment steadily, spouse hasn't held a job longer than 6 months.

I own a truck (post separation) that is used for work and camping, and I bought (began financing) a car while we were married, and recently traded it in on a used car (still financing). Vehicles have always been in my name and credit.

After separation we agreed that when the time came to divorce, we would do it easily, no courts, just sign the papers, pay the fees, etc. Now I'm worried my spouse would try and come after me for no good reason - I'm certain some awful friends/family are pressuring them into trying to screw me over one final time.

I am fully prepared to split and handle all of the vehicle debts + my remaining student loan. I am used to paying all the bills as my spouse contributed next to nothing during marriage. I've found work after being laid off early last year, and I am going about my own life, and moving on - I'm young, the world is my oyster, etc.

How likely is it that my spouse could start a battle over spousal support, or something like a vehicle, especially one that the bank owns (financed); and get anywhere?

I'm just looking to split, take on all of the debt, and move on our separate ways.

Thanks for reading
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Old 01-31-2017, 01:16 AM
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Pursuinghappiness will become famous soon enough

Its highly unlikely you're going to get screwed for SS over a two year marriage...especially given the assets you've described.

A finance vehicle really isn't worth much and it sounds like you have debt.

The only thing you'd have to be worried about in your case is if you owned a home.

The legal fees wouldn't be worth him coming after you and he's unlikely to get anything out of it anyway which any lawyer would tell him.

If he's able-bodied, the judge is likely to just tell him to get off his ass and get a job.
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Old 01-31-2017, 01:14 PM
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OriginalUsername is on a distinguished road

Thanks for the reply.

As you pointed it out, my debt largely outweighs any assets. It really would be crazy for my spouse to spend money just to battle over a mountain of debt. I am 100% willing and able to keep paying these debts alone as I've been doing the whole time. We never had a separation agreement done up. Is it a good idea to have that signed before going into the divorce process?
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Old 01-31-2017, 07:29 PM
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Pursuinghappiness will become famous soon enough

SA's generally cover things like equalization, support, disposition of assets, custody/access agreements.

It doesn't sound like you have much of that stuff. You do, however, need to establish a clear separation date so that you have an effective date for the divorce action.

Just a note, debt is also subject to equalization. So if you both acquired a bunch of debt during your marriage, its subject to being split by both parties (it sounds like you took the major assets that go with the debt anyway but if there is credit card debt, split that).
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