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plainNamedDad44 07-25-2017 10:09 AM

STBX lawyer raising conflict exploiting non-sophistication of client
Hi community,

What a sad story. STBX's lawyer continues to war over issues long settled by order/endorsement. Why ?!

No cooperation what so ever. It is clear that she is exploiting her client by raising the conflict and billing her for it. STBX with the greatest of respect is no sophisticated enough to see what is going on.

STBX's lawyer in my opinion is without a soul.

I have won over and over in court as the 'reasonable' party.

A lawyer with a soul would encourage settlement.

How do I make this stop. LSUC ? I've already reported her for her rude and remiss nature. Do I report her again ?

How do I get off this crazy train ?! Maybe I cant and I have to drag this thing through more motions and trial. <sigh>

As always, thank you.


trinton 07-25-2017 11:04 AM

tell them the issue has been settled by the courts and there is no need for any further discussion, except for compliance; and that you will bring a contempt proceeding against them if they do not follow it.

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