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Old 06-28-2015, 10:48 AM
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Thank you for all of the information. The FCC went well, we both gave a little and we managed to find an agreement. He wanted more time which I emphasized I would love! I would love him to be more involved, but he stated he had no intention and what its up to me to do all the responsibility aspects. He said he would not support tutoring (in any form even if I pay) cause I went over his head, when I had 6 weeks of unanswered emails to him from the teacher and I before I enrolled her. We also have a shared special expense clause but it is for agreed costs and he has indicated it has to be $100 or less a year. The judge indicated it was unreasonable to put a limit as I agreed to pay all sports and smaller activities, but said we can apply for a motion if we disagree, for example orthodontics.

The school has decided to do a psychoeducational assessment as they think our daughter has a written output disorder. I offered to pay, in full, privately as the school will take almost a year to administer the test and they have limited resources. My ex agreed through his lawyer but I need his consent in writing signed. We have to make the appointment in the next week as the psychologist is booking up for the summer into September. I asked him to please give me the letter within 7 days or if he disagrees to please indicate why so we could discuss it. Well, he has avoided any discussion about it. He did call the psychologist (I hope to find more out), but he called outside her hours that I gave him. She called him back 3 days in a row with no return answer and he says, she didn't call and its not his problem (the only reference to the assessment). I don't want to play this game, Im finding he is not using his guardianship properly and just avoids major decisions at all possible costs, over the last several years.

If I need is consent he plays games like this (i.e. tutoring last year). Do I just file a motion after asking for a dispense of his signature for this decision? Its so hard to have joint custody with a person who doesnt even respond to requests. At least a "no" with explanation gives me something to work with.
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Old 06-28-2015, 10:49 AM
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Nurse_Lisa is on a distinguished road

About costs - in BC we do not have costs associated with provincial court. Its only in Supreme court out here.

Also he is moving August 1st and has avoided answering any request for the new address and contact info. I don't want to go to court over this but I have no idea where our child will be when with him.
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